Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Party!

Everyone is invited to come to this party! We are going to have ice cream and desserts. I didn't want to put my address out here on the World Wide Web so e-mail me if you need the address Beccabrough[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Effusive Eli:

Eli has had a few good one lately.

While Eli was telling his aunts about his "kissing conquests" one of them said, "eww don't kiss girls! Don't you know they have cooties?" Eli said, "what are cooties? Are they what sick out like this?" (Now imagine him with his hands in crab claws and his fingers on his chest.)

Eli went to the birthday party of said "kissing conquest." When I picked him up I asked him if he was nice to all the kids and he said that he had been nice and that he only got into ONE fight over Elizabeth. He must have really showed restraint because he was quite proud of himself that it was only one fight.

We recently went to Mayfield (post coming soon.) When we got there I asked Eli if he was happy to be in Mayfield. He replied, "yes, sometimes I just need to get out of that house."

While in Richfield we went to Lance's store. Well everyone knew baby Asher. At first, Eli was surprised that everyone knew his name. Then he was a little jealous at the celebrity that Asher was experiencing. Finally one lady said "hi" to Eli and he said, "my name is Eli, you can tell everyone else." He never did get the same attention though! A plethora of people yelling Eli's name. That is his idea of heaven.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We had a great time in Richfield. We visited the Fremont Indian State Park, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, and Cove Fort. I was missing Stewart a lot last week but being in Richfield made the week go by REALLY fast so I've got another week under my belt and I feel pretty great right now.

Thanks to my wonderful aunt and cousin for taking care of Eli and me!

Without further ado, Eli's favorite part of the trip:

Baby Asher! (I know, poor little guy looks all freaked out!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Getaway

I am writing this in Richfield, sitting in bed at my cousin Mandy's house. I'm getting my back rubbed by Eli because he doesn't want to go to bed so I told him if he rubs my back then he doesn't have to.

I realized on Saturday that Stewart's been gone for 2 weeks. I about died when I realized this because it seems like it's been a WHOLE lot longer than that. I just checked the calendar again...still 2 weeks.

So we are on a getaway to Richfield where I was nice enough to invite myself to stay in my cousins guest bedroom and she was nice enough to accept my invitation. ;) I will have to think of a years worth of distractions to get myself through this deployment...or maybe it gets easier.

The strange thing is that we have been apart for longer than this before for months at a time but it's never felt this way before. This time moving slowly thing must be mental. I didn't expect the deployment to feel like this.