Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween was a smashing success this year. I love how the older Eli gets the more fun the holidays are. This was the best Halloween we have had and Eli had so much fun trick-or-treating this year. He wanted to keep going and keep going. It helped that we went with a friend from preschool so they could run around together. 

Eli wasn't so sure of his choice to be a vampire after I had put the makeup on him. He has decided that he'll be a ninja next year because you don't have to wear makeup when you are a ninja. Once he got to school and everyone thought that he was so cool he cheered up.  The 1st picture below is him not having fun before preschool.  The princess below is Eli's friend Grace.  Grace pretended to be scared of Eli so that cheered him up too. 

After trick-or-treating we went to a party that a family in our ward threw. Tonight we are going to the Fall Festival that our ward is having. This is the Halloween that we don't want to end!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

As you can see we carved pumpkins finally.  Well we carved a little pumpkin that Eli got from preschool.  It turned out to be the cutest pumpkin ever.  He loved scooping out the seeds and he really liked how it felt to stick his hands in there. He drew the face on the pumpkin and I cut it out. It's a "ghost mouth with pumpkin eyes" pumpkin.  

We also made a spooky dessert. Eli called it "chocolate snake haunted stones cake," but really it was pudding and cool whip topped with mashed up Oreos, gummy worms, and Milano cookies.

 I have to say I love the picture of Eli holding the dessert. His skinny neck, cute smile, and raised eyebrows all are SO cute.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I logged on to post tonight and I saw something interesting... this is my 200th post.  Pretty crazy. And what do you think that my 200th post will be about? If you can believe it, it will be about Eli.

Eli and I went to Dinosaur World last week. It was so much fun. Eli loved the statues... from afar. I tried to put him over the white rope and he freaked out. I tried to get him to sit on one of the statues feet and he freaked out.  He keep saying that he was afraid that they'd come back alive. 

Here is Eli in the head of a T-Rex. With 1 being not scary and 10 being really scary this was  a 3. Being on the other side of the white rope with this dinosaur was an 8. I was showing Eli that is wasn't scary but he still wouldn't be on the dino side.

Sitting on the dinosaur whose foot you can see in the background was an 11. The baby wooly mammoth was a 1. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Love Our Enemies? Really?

In this scene a little boy is watching VeggieTales "Minnesota Cuke." A re-telling of the bible story about Sampson. His mother is sitting on the couch folding laundry. (Hard to believe but true!) The little boy runs to his mother with a look of incredulity on his face.

Little Boy: Actually, we are supposed to LOVE our enemies!
Mother: Yep
Little Boy: But that's CRAZY! They have spears and could kill us! They are bad guys! Why should we love our enemies? 

Some commandments are harder to obey then others.

*In case you didn't figure it out the little boy was Eli and the mother was me and I really was folding clothes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Times In Kentucky

It might seem like we haven't been doing any fun things lately but we have! Right after I got back from Utah we had a 4 day weekend and this past weekend we had a great Saturday out and about.

We have been to the Kentucky Derby Museum, the Louisville Slugger Museum (SO FUN), we went on a boat ride on the Ohio River, and we went to a farm and did a corn maze.  It's been SO fun when Stewart's home and we can go do fun stuff. Unfortunately, he's going to be out in the field this whole week! BOO. I think I will have to go do some fun things without Stewart other wise the week is going to drag.  

Another new development is that I am now Primary Chorister in my ward. I'm really happy about it because it's my favorite calling and now I don't have to go to boring sunday school. :)

Oh! the red car that it looks like Eli is going to smash was hilarious.  It had red glass stones plastered onto it. It was crazy! I don't know why anyone would think that it is classy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eli Tag

Thanks for the tag Deidra.

5 things I love about Eli:
(Since this blog is basically a shrine to Eli I'm sure you all know what I love about him but I'll play the game.)

1-He makes me laugh everyday. Today it was by saying: "I like snakes a little but I hate them a lot." He always contradicts himself in the same sentence it's so funny. 

2-He is loving and sweet. He always says: "I love this whole family!" or "I love you and Dad, Dad loves you and me, you love me and dad." He loves cuddle bugs and still gives me big hugs and kisses. 

3-He is so social.  He can make friends with anyone and loves to have friends. 

4-He is very worried about who he is going to marry.  He really wants to marry his Grandma Brough's neighbor girl and often wonders "what if she chooses Landon?" Yeah, he's already kissed her... well, she kissed him but he liked it and wants to kiss her again. He played at her house over conference weekend and when I picked him up I asked him if he kissed her. He said "no" then he smiled and whispered "I should have kissed her."

5-He has THE cutest BUM! And he pretty much lets me pinch it whenever I want.  He wore his footie jammies last night minus undies. SO CUTE!  I spent the morning pinching his bum. 

I tag Alicia, Stacy, Michelle, Laurie, Georganne.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

There and Back Again...

I was in Utah. I only posted once about the ABBA Extravaganza. I was too busy running around I guess or just too lazy to go get the camera out. Eli and I flew in to attend my big brothers wedding. He got married to a total babe on 10-9-08. Get it 10.9.8. Now Mike has a great anniversary date that will be hard to forget. Good wives do that for their husbands (right Stewart!)

Anyway, we had a great visit and I'm so glad that I was able to go and see my family and be there for the wedding. Everything would have been perfect except Stewart had to stay home because he's still training and the army doesn't feel bad if they make you miss your brother-in-law's wedding. Jerks. Actually it's good because I came back home to the best tank boss (or whatever they call them) there ever was. Pretty sexy. AAOOOWWW

I pretty much didn't get the camera out except at the wedding for a few pics. But here are the highlights:
-Eli worked it and got a dollar from a guy on the airplane for trading seats.
-My mom sewed me a skirt for the wedding.
-I got a pedicure with my good friend Heidi.
-I had a lunch date for me/play date for Eli with my friends Valerie and Alicia + AL's 5 week old baby!
-I managed to worry Alicia enough that she left our lunch and took her baby to the Dr. Sorry Alicia.
-Eli got to go to the wild west park.
-Eli got another b-day cake and present from his cousins.
-We had a sushi night.
-I got to see old friends at the wedding.
-I got to see all my family!

A funny story about the wedding. Mike tried to outsmart everyone and leave his car at the bed and breakfast where they stayed the night.  He thought that by doing that and leaving the reception in a limo he would be safe from the treatment he deserved.  He didn't count on Eli having none of that and forcing me to drive around until we found his car.  Sorry Mike but Eli made me do it and he did all the graffiti. I have photographic proof!

Eli and Brooklyn posed themselves and had me take a picture. Haa haa SO CUTE! Above is Eli REALLY excited to go home and see his daddy! All in all it was a great time but I was happy to come home and as Eli put it this morning: "I'm so glad this family is all together again."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My 4 Year Old Son

Here is the video that I made for Eli.  It's almost 10 minutes so you might not want to watch the full thing. It's also the rough draft. But you'll get the idea. I really like imovie.  Have I mentioned that I love my Mac?

My personal opinion is that you should a least skip to  1:08 and 9:25.  Of course all the pictures are great!  The songs are all songs that Eli has liked this year. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mamma Mia-Review

It was GREAT!  We were singing and dancing and right before it started the chicks in front of us said, "no singing ladies." We said, "it's the sing-a-long" and carried on with the singing. We think they didn't realize that it was the sing-a-long version but once they did they accepted their fate and we didn't have to throw down. 

Besides my mom and Stacy my cousin Carrie also came.  We just had so much fun.  The movie was 10 times better singing the songs out loud instead of singing them under your breath. And that's saying a lot because that movie is already 10 times better! ( I know that didn't make sense but I can't explain how much I love this movie.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mamma Mia-Invite!

Ok this could be your last chance to see Mamma Mia the sing-a-long version in the theater!  This is the last day that it will be in the theater unless it goes to the dollar theater.

So here is the info:

What: Mamma Mia! SING-A-LONG!
Where: Jordan Commons in Sandy
When: 10:10 PM (I know it's late but SO worth it.)
Who: Only fun women need bother!

My mom, Stacy, and I will for sure be there. We will be singing and dancing.