Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cruise Pt. 4

Thursday was our day at sea.  We just sat around and ate and relaxed.  Eli is like a professional relaxer. 

The last night I fed Eli and Brooklyn at the buffet and they watched Knox during the sit down dinner.  It was nice to have one quiet dinner.  Dinner was the most stressful time by far because Knox was so messy and disruptive. After Knox went to bed, Stewart and I went to a few activities.  One of them involved Stewart kissing Robert's head.  hahaha it was funny.  

Eli got my phone and this is his self portrait. We bought his these covers for his glasses and he LOVED them.  Like, literally, he never took them off.  It was pretty cute.

Friday we got off the boat. Sad sad sad. We had a great vacation. 

This was about 20 minutes after we got back into the car. These kids were pooped. 
Knox was so tired at the condo in Vegas he let Eli hold him.  That's pretty strange. AND he fell asleep on Stewart.  That is also strange. Knox likes to be in his bed to sleep. 

We loved our Christmas cruise.  I wonder how dad will top it next year?! ;)

Cruise Pt. 3

I'm not really sure what morning these pics were but we did eat every morning so it could have been Wednesday morning. It was fun to be able to eat whatever we wanted.  Of course Knox still just wanted Cheerios. 

Wednesday we were in Ensenada.  I wish you could tell how big this flag was.  It was the biggest flag I have EVER seen.  I wonder if there is a US flag this big anywhere.  If I was Mexican I would love to see this big flag everyday. 
Here we are with the ship behind us.  The plan was that Stew was going to take Knox to La Bufadora and I was going to walk around the city with Knox and the Haights.  Luckily, we changed our minds and all went to La Bufadora. Ensenada was our favorite part of the trip!

The kids LOVED the blow hole and we saw the water get some amazing height.  The kids stood in the splash zone and got wet.  It was pretty hot so they felt good being a little wet.

I took Knox back to the boat and Stewart was able to eat some yummy mexican food.  I didn't dare eat anything because I'm pregnant but I was kinda jealous of him.

Cruise Pt 2

Tuesday we woke up and we were parked at Catalina Island.  You can see the tender boats in the background of the next 2 pictures.  That's how we actually got to the island.

We got to shore and saw the Haights playing in the tide.  My kids joined them and they had a great time.  The water was FREEZING so I stayed clear but of course things like that don't stop kids from having fun.
Stewart was a good daddy and helped Knox play.  And took most of our pictures!

It felt great so soak up some sun.  It wasn't super warm but if you were sitting in the sun it was great.
Stacy was wonderful and took wet Eli back to the ship with her kids so Stewart and I could walk around the island.  We met up with Dad and Teresa and walked with them a little bit.
Knox loves the baby backpack.

We did have a run in with the law...ok not the law but the golf cart touring company.  We tried to break the rules and got caught.  And that's all I'm saying about that!

Cruise Pt. 1

Finally our Christmas cruise arrived!  We left Sunday after Sacrament. (Stewart had to speak in sacrament meeting! hahaha) and drive to Vegas.  We all stayed at the WoldMark condos.  It was fun to caravan with everyone.  Anyway, we left Vegas Monday the 25th and drove to California.  We were all pretty excited to get on the boat. Here we are walking on the gangplank to get on the ship. 

We ate lunch and then toured around the ship.  It's crazy how big these cruise boats can be!  Ours was one of the smaller ones too!  Luckily Stewart was there to tell me where to go.  He has a much better internal compass than me. 

Eli didn't stay on our room.  He got to sleep in Grandpa Sorensen's room. Their room had these porthole windows and Knox LOVED this little window he could sit in.
I was unpacking Eli's suitcase and I saw this rope.  It didn't seem strange because Eli likes to play with rope.  Then Eli told me he brought it so we could tie it to Knox so he wouldn't fall off the boat.  Eli asked a million times how we would make sure that Knox wouldn't fall off the boat.  Eli is a sweet big brother who really cares about Knox's safety.  It touched my heart that he was thinking about his brother while he was packing his suitcase.
That is California behind us.

Knox loves to get his picture taken.  One of his favorite poses is to stick out his tongue.  Eli and Stewart are best friends...according to Knox.  Stewart wouldn't mind a break once in a while but Knox would be happy spending every second with his daddy.

That was pretty much day one.  We left port in the evening and had dinner and Knox slept great!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Round-Up

I walked in to get Knox out of bed.  Looks like someone is trying to undress himself.  Luckily the diaper is still on and he can't undo buttons. 
 Anything Eli does Knox has to do.  He LOVES his brother!
 Knox is for sure Stewart's son.  Anything is a gun. Even a foam letter "b"
 Eli dressed Knox up.  We thought he looked like a nerdy little private. hahaha