Friday, February 17, 2012

Extreme Makeover-Bedroom Addition

Since having Knox we have had some bedroom swapping.  First, Eli and Knox shared a room.  Then we moved Knox downstairs because Eli was keeping Knox awake. Then the squeaky floors were keeping Knox awake during the day so I started brainwashing Eli into wanting to move downstairs. Stewart and I decided to do a room makeover in the hopes that Eli would not be too scared to sleep down there.  We sent Eli to Stacy's house so that we could surprise Eli with a brand new room.  
Before.  In the process of moving out

 White walls and no curtains.

 After!  It's so cheery and happy.  We put some fun quotes on the wall from the Harry Potter books. I sewed some curtains and we made a nice little area for homework (yeah right.)

I think it turned out so cozy and nice.  Eli was really excited and liked his new room.  I was proud of Stewart and me for getting so much done in just a few days.

Friday, February 10, 2012

High Aspirations.

Eli has really started thinking and planning for his future.  Right now his goal in life is to become a hobo.  He created this awesome camp and sleeps in it pretty exclusively.  Eli has put a lot of effort into making it and it's pretty hilarious. I can't wait until I can destroy it but I do admire his creativity. :)