Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving is THE SUCK

We moved this weekend...ALL weekend. What I thought would be a few hours Saturday turned into ALL day Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday. It made me ornery and tired and hot. So now we have most of our earthly possessions in a storage unit and some of them at my mom's house. The very best plus about being at my mom's house is the central air AND we are in the basement and it's COLD down there! LOVE IT!

Leaving the apartment for the very, very last time made me smile and giggle and laugh. Stewart thought that I should flip the bird to the apartment on the way out but I didn' was Sunday after all.

This was a hard move because I had to think about what I didn't need for 6 months and what I didn't need for 2 months and then what I needed for 2 months and what I only needed for 4 months. I'm sure that I got it all wrong and when I get to Kentucky I'll realize what I should have done. Oh well I'll have Stewart and Eli and we will have an adventure and I won't be managing apartments anymore...I'll have my Kitchenaid too. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Kind Of Mother I Am

I taught Eli how to burn ants today. Sometimes I do things and then later wonder what I was thinking.

Like the time I put 2 cantaloupe-sized bouncy balls up my shirt and asked Stewart if he wished I looked like that. Eli came out of his room in time to see me and hear Stewart say "that's disgusting." I did hurry and take them out when I saw Eli but it was too late!

Later that night Eli asked "is my teacher Krystal disgusting because she has big ones of those?" (As he points to my chest.)

Am I really enough of an adult to have a minor child under my care?

Friday, June 20, 2008

It IS What Fun Is!

Lagoon. You know it and love it. Come on you know you do. We went to Lagoon yesterday for my work party and had SO MUCH FUN! Eli and I went earlier in the day and Stewart met us after work. Eli was so awesome and had such a great time. He loved the Tidal Wave so much and kept his hands up the whole time. As soon as it was over he wanted to go again. He also did the Bat which was his first roller coaster ride...well not counting Puff.

I also won a $50.00 gift card to Home Depot so that was nice. We dropped Eli off at Stewart's sister, Laurie's house (that doesn't sound or look right punctuation-wise) so we could go back and do the "fun" rides I love Wicked and Spider so much and I want to damn the damn Jet Star to damnation for hurting my neck!

We had fun anyway and it was a nice distraction from the stress of moving and army training that we are feeling.

We went home happy and tired and can't wait for another Lagoon day!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Eli and Stewart's Excursion

Another good post to read! It's about Eli and Stewart's fun weekend.

Man it's so easy to blog when someone else is writing the posts and I just have to link to them!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For a good laugh

Watch this!

Sooo Sooo Funny

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Click here to read our exciting news!

I'm not pregnant so don't get your hopes up. Stewart just said it all in his post.


My new skates are here! When they came they had black laces and I was so dissappointed but don't worry the pink ones were on the bottom of the box. Sometimes I think that I'm a gay man or something-I love flare!

Anyway they looked better before the wheels were dirty but Stewart said I have to use them. We have gone over to the school by our house to practice and I forget how hard it is when I haven't done it for a long time. I pushed Eli in the stroller and if I ever complained he told me to stop being a wuss.

Last night we took Eli's roller blades too and he told us that if he was better than us that we couldn't be mad. Stewart and I were kind of play pushing each other and Eli said "two people are horsing around and they are Becca and Stewart."

I love love love my new skates I just wish I was a whole lot better on them. My grandma said that I have the determination to be good and I said that I just don't have the coordination!

Here are the clean wheels and black laces-yuck!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


June 6th was our 6 year wedding anniversary. I know kinda scary huh? The year of 666.

My mother-in-law watched Eli over night so we got to be alone together for a little bit which was nice. We were going to go on a big hike Saturday morning but it was raining so we went to "Prince Caspian" and snuck into "You don't mess with the Zohan." The night before we had dinner at The Garden and saw "Indiana Jones." It was the weekend of movies but we NEVER go to movies and so it was really fun. It made me remember that I REALLY like to go to movies in a theater.

So all in all it was a great weekend and turned out to be fun and relaxing. Here are some wedding pictures below. My friend Angie took them for us as a wedding gift.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rockin' It + Gelato

Oh yeah! Tonight I got my Rock Band on! It's only the second time that I have played Rock Band and I sucked just as much as the 1st time and had double the fun.

We, along with the Sorensen's, went to "the best gelato place ever,"* and then went to play Rock Band at Danny and Emi's new pad. This was exactly what we did Monday except for the fact that "the best gelato place ever" was freakishly and unexpectedly closed! So tonight was part deux and it all worked according to plan...or maybe even better. We each had 2 orders of gelato (not small ones) and got coupons for buy one get one 1/2 off to use at a later date! Hello! They know us and love us!

So then we went and got our Rock Band on and I can't tell you how awesome Eli is at it! Just because his guitar wasn't plugged in doesn't mean that he couldn't rock it because he was passing out "star power" like it was free! Danny has a picture on his camera and if he sends it to me I'll post the picture. All in all it was a fun night even though Stewart and I SUCKED HARDCORE on the drums.

The End

*Citta Gelateria Italiana=2101 E. 9400 South, Sandy Go there you won't be sorry!

So sad

This is Crazy! I hate stuff like this it reminds me that no matter what you can't always protect your children!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here are my two new skirts. I made them both and had so much fun. The 2nd one I call my "officer skirt" The stripe down the side is left over from converting an enlisted uniform into an officer uniform. The great thing about this skirt is that it will always outrank Stewart. So right now it's a captains skirt and once Stewart makes captain then it will be a major skirt. I guess I could just say it's a colonel skirt but that doesn't mess with Stewart enough.

The green one also has a great story. I held up the material and said "won't this make a cute skirt?" he said "no." So I made it anyway and he's probably right that it's not very cute since he has better fashion sense than me. I love it though because it's so bright. I still have a pink one to make. I did make a gray one but it bombed big time so it's not going to be posted until I can fix it.

Special Me

Eli has graduated from preschool. I actually think that these "graduations" are pretty lame but what are you going to do the kids are cute. What made this one especially lame was the graduation march song that played over and over and over. It went like this: (to the tune of twinkle little star)

Special special special me
I'm as special as can be

For Eli's "graduation" present we bought him some roller blades. (read: excuse to buy him something that we want to but are trying not to spoil him.)

On Memorial Day we went to check out some roller blades for Stewart. We tried some blades on Eli and he was BAWLING because we left without buying them. He's been asking for chores to do so he can save up and buy some roller blades.

Anyway he is so freaking cute on his blades! It's pretty much the cutest thing to see him moving his feet back and forth and not moving anywhere.

He thinks that he's a stud though and is so happy with his "skates"