Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Time 3.0

We had Easter dinner at the Brough's house.  Grandma Brough had an egg hunt for the kids.  Charlie and Eli had a fun time and I think Alice had some help from her dad and found some eggs too. 
 The adults were lookouts and gave the kids hints of where to find the eggs.

It was  a great Easter that was celebrated 3 different times.  We really know how to do holidays!  Luckily my kids have good grandparents who do such fun things with the kids.

Easter Time 2.0

Easter Morning was really fun this year.  Knox found some eggs and held them up in victory.  He was really fun to go along with the game.  Eli was nice enough to leave Knox some of the easier ones. :)

 Whoa!  There's candy in here!  He's probably also wishing I hadn't put Christmas jammies on him for Easter Morning. Maybe next year I'll plan better...

 I love my cute boys in their Easter outfits. Have I mentioned I love having 2 boys?  Thanks to Grandma Brough for dressing my boys so well.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Time 1.0

 For Easter at Dad's house we had a Easter egg hunt and dyed Easter Eggs.  As usual the kids got way too much candy and had way too much fun...wait you can't have too much fun!  Well, they did get too much candy.  Eli and Nathan found the 2 golden eggs.  Nathan was so excited so Eli was too.

Dad did a good job planning his first Easter egg hunt on his own.  Good thing he had Stacy to help him.