Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Improving

We have been doing some major work on the house.  By "we" I mean Stewart.  I provide the moral support though. It's an important job.  First of all Stewart built a new fence.  He doesn't like to cut corners so he built it really sturdy and replaced everything.  It looks so good now that's it's all finished. We have a lot more privacy which is nice. 

Next, Stewart and my dad put in laminate wood flooring.  I did do the prep work which was pulling up carpet and linoleum and then a layer of plywood and more linoleum.  So I thought my part was harder but I was really glad I didn't have to do the boy's part. ;) 

 I love having a dad that know how to do all this stuff and can come help.  He and Stewart work well together so it's pretty awesome.
 Using power tools is never wrong.

 So much progress!  It took them 2 days to to  the entry and kitchen and then it took Stewart 2 nights to finish the hall and laundry room.

 The before:

 I love love love the new flooring! Now that it's all done it was SOOOOOOO worth it.

 Thanks to the wind storm in December we had roof damage.  We were able to get a new roof!

 The house looks sooooo good!  We love having a new roof.

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Haircut!

Knox had to have his first haircut a little earlier than I wanted, but after the one thousand and seventy third person called him a girl I decided I better cut it.  He hated every last second of it but I think he looks so cute! I will miss the curls though...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pizza Party!

I was so excited for school to be out this year that I did something really unusual...I planned a party.  I am not the kind of mom that likes throwing parties.  I think it's stressful to have to entertain a bunch of kids plus the expense and time it takes.  But sometimes you get an idea and you just have to run with it. The kids played some games and they got to make their own individual pizzas for dinner and fruit pizza's for dessert.  It turned out really fun and I'm glad I did it. Eli was so happy to have so many friends come to his house.