Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stewart's Fun

Click here to check out Stewart's blog. His doesn't show updated for some reason on my list but he did today. He has had a little bit of FUN.


This is the Becca Brough Birthday Blog. I had a great day except that Stewart is gone. My mom is the best and remembered my family's birthday tradition of donuts and chocolate milk in bed and went and got them for me.

Then after breakfast Eli "gave" me my present of 2 cool folding chairs. Of course my mom went and got them and Eli tried to get me to give him one of them for his very own. Eli gave me a card that he made and my mom gave me the cute photo album. I hadn't showered yet so sorry about the really gross looking picture. Stewart, being the wonderful husband that he is, sent me flowers! Of course! He is so good about sending me flowers. I love them thanks Stewart.
Eli had to get his picture taken with the flowers too because, in his opinion, a picture isn't worth anything without him in it. Actually I agree and probably so would Stewart. I think that Eli will be a good flower giving husband since he has a good example.
My parents took me out to dinner and then my dad and I and all my siblings went to Deer Valley to the Beatles show that the symphony did. It was SO fun and if I get pics of it I'll put them on. We got rained on for at least 1/2 of the show and it STILL was so fun.

All in all it was a really fun day and if I HAD to have a birthday without my hubby this was the way to do it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Book

This year my mom has made these birthday books for everyone's birthday. They are so cute and I couldn't wait to get mine. It turned out so cute (better than anyone else's!) You can click on each picture to see it bigger. The last one on the 1st row is what you see when you lift the flap in the 2nd picture on the 1st row. My mom is so creative and everything she does turns out cute. Thanks Mom!

Friday, July 25, 2008


We had a fun 24th complete with a fully *legal* fireworks and a kid show. In the show Eli is the kid who is mixing something, Jacob is the robber who comes to kidnap him, and Brooklyn is the mom who scares the robber away. It was so funny to see them put on their show and especially funny when they did it 3 times so that they could switch parts. It looks a little violent when Jacob grabs Eli but it was acting. No child was hurt in the making of this film. Here is one of the shows:

Love it.

Scarecrows and Parades

Eli has been telling my dad that he needs a scarecrow in his garden for about 2 weeks. My dad put it off saying "later" long enough and finally broke down and made a scarecrow. Now "the birds won't poop on grandpa's garden." Just what every gardener fears...bird poop. The dang scarecrow scares me more than anything else. when you look out the kitchen window it looks like there is a man in the garden!

I guess I should have put this one in the parade post but I didn't and I'm not going to go back to fix it now! My mom's ward...I guess my ward now... had a kids bike parade and Eli was in it. One of the young women made sure that he was ok . He had a good time and even threw the candy they gave the kids instead of saving it. I was shocked because he said that he was just going to keep it. A parade is the perfect activity for Eli because it's instant attention. My mom said that he was going so slow because he went from one side of the street to the other throwing candy.

I Love A Parade.

Eli, my mom, and I went to see the parade floats at the convention center. It was really fun to do in a nice air conditioned building where we could take our time to see the floats. It's so crazy the detail that goes into them!

Eli got to get his face painted and he got a water gun balloon. He also got to get his picture taken with the parade royalty. The girls thought that he was so cute and he showed off his gun. I am so thankful that I live with my parents while Stewart is gone or I think that I would stay home and be lonely too much. I went with my parents to see "Mamma Mia." I loved it and thought it was so fun. My mom and dad said that the play was even better so i guess I have to see it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


You know how your kids say really funny/cute/embarrassing things when you are in a public restroom? Well I had a great one today that will go down in history in my books as one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Today Eli said: "I wish that Army training wasn't real so that I didn't miss my daddy so much." It was so sweet and innocent.

I love my little boy. He brings so much happiness in my life. He has to be so cute to make up for being my one and only.

I miss Stewart too. I can't sleep at night without him by my side. We love our Stewart!

Friday, July 18, 2008

He's in the Army Now

Eli got a package in the mail today. If you can't guess who sent it to him then I think that you must have stumbled onto this blog and have no idea about us. Eli was really excited to get a package from his daddy and didn't even care that there wasn't a toy in the envelope. Even my mom, who isn't at all excited about the army, thought he looked so cute in this get up. In fact when Stewart wanted to get this for Eli a long time ago I thought, "oh, my mom isn't going to like that."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tattle Tale

Eli is a HUGE tattle tale! Here is the story:

There is a mouse in my parents house. I have seen him a few times and I put a trap right in his path. That mouse took the cheese without setting off the trap! I was mad and grossed out because I had to touch the trap and put more cheese on it AND it kind of snapped my finger. OWW. So I said something like "that mouse is a little butt hole." Hey, at least I didn't swear which I almost did and for some reason butt hole was the word that my brain choose probably because I really wanted to say "that mouse is a little shit!"

I immediately said "Sorry Eli I said a bad word." Eli was quick to forgive and nothing more was said...until later. At dinner that night Eli announced: "my mom said a bad word today but I'm not telling you what she said because then I'll have to say sorry." Ummm thanks Eli, for throwing me under the bus!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camp * Fish * Fun

We had the best weekend last weekend! We had a little Family Reunion in good ol' Mayfield. Eli was so excited to go camping he couldn't stop talking about it for days before the big event. He informed me a week before we left that he was going to sleep in the trailer because he doesn't like tents (news to me) and told anymore that would listen that he would sleep on "the kitchen floor or in the bathtub or maybe this little bed right here." (As he lay on the bed in the trailer.)

Below: the kids eating breakfast in the trailer. The best is Nathans face. He's looking at someone like they are a freak and I think it's Eli. Eli waiting for me to get his fishing pole ready.

Brooklyn and Eli got bored fishing so they got in the nasty water and got soaking wet and so dirty so when we got back to the property the kids ran through the sprinklers. I took a nap and when I woke up the sunburn that I got when we were fishing was really starting to show up. OWWW it's a bad one! :( My Dad started a project and the little kids were enlisted to find rocks and dump them under the water spout. They were such good little workers. I don't get to see Brooklyn in pants very much because she's a dress girl but I think that she looks SO cute in them!

The second day of fishing was more fun for me. Eli caught the 1st fish of the day and I caught my first fish with a lure! I knew that Stewart could catch them with a lure but I didn't know mere mortals could! I was pretty impressed with myself and the whole lake heard me squeal with delight when I caught one. Look at the happy little boy!

Below: we make all the kids take a bite out of a raw fish! Actually Nathan was copying the fishes facial expression. My mom is great to come fishing because she doesn't actually fish but watches the kids so that we can fish. Thanks Mom!

Robert carried a barrel up from below the hill. He apparently has hidden skills of barrel rolling and showed the kids. They all practiced and practiced. Eli was the least daring and always wanted someone to hold his hand. We also went on a million and one four-wheeler rides. We had so much fun and I can't wait to go camping again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's Go To The Radio

That isn't a typo in the title. Eli keeps talking about the radio and the bucking broncos. For the 4th we went to the Oakley Rodeo. It was SO much fun. We got to see a crazy rodeo and some sweet fireworks. Eli got spoiled by Grandpa Brough.

Below you can see the cotton candy Eli finagled out of Grandpa and later he got a snow cone and a turn at the fish pond and the cowboy hat in the picture below. You can see the proof of Eli working his powers on a rodeo queen. He is a "chick magnet" as he tells me continuously. I'm sure the medal from his race helped him score the ladies too.

Eli got a glow stick necklace from the fish pond and he thought that it looked like he had braces if he wore it like this. The cute little boy below is Charlie, Eli's cousin. Isn't he cute!

Since Stewart wasn't there to dance with the girls Eli had to step up and take his place! :) We missed you Stewart.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Eli has a cute little cousin named Brooklyn. Together they are TROUBLE! Eli spent the 1st 2 1/2 years wanting to play with Jacob. Once he realized that Brooklyn was the only one that would play with him they because fast friends. They are the naughtiest little stinkers that ever lived!

There was the time they smeared Stacy's face cream all over her bathroom counter and floor...a carpeted floor. Lately they have taken to picking on Jacob...poor Jacob.

They are naughty but they are also good little friends. For Brooklyn's birthday I made her a superhero cape like Eli's. I forgot to take their picture together though! I did take pictures of Brooklyn's cape because I was proud of myself! (it was hard for me so shut up!) Eli had the idea for the butterflies on the back and he decided on the placement too.

Eli Says:

Eli prayed: "bless Daddy that he has a good army train." Choo choo Stewart!

My mom thinks that it's so funny that Eli says "amn't" (ament) Like this "no I amn't."

On the way back from gelato Eli was telling all of us a story. When he was done he said, "ok you can talk now." Umm thanks Eli.

When we went to Brooklyn's house and Eli saw her riding her bike without training wheels he said, "I wish I was 5 so I could ride my bike without training wheels!" She had only been 5 for 1 day! I told him that she was 4 when she learned how and he could learn too.

I tried to get Eli to try on Brooklyn's cape so I could see if it would fit and he hid and wouldn't because it's "too girlie!"

Happy Birthday Stewart Brough

Today is Stewart's birthday! Unfortunately, he is in Georgia so we didn't get to celebrate our traditional way of waking him up with chocolate milk and donuts. Well Eli and I still had chocolate milk and donuts and recorded a message for Stewart.

You probably don't want to watch this unless you are Stewart because it's cheesy...and I flash the camera a little. Eli was cute because he wanted to save the candle for Stewart to blow out when he gets home...he also wants to save a donut for him.

Sorry my hair is wet and ugly!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July Fun

We had a great 4th of July! The only thing missing was Stewart, who was having his own adventures. In the morning we went to the Murray parade and 5k race. I ran the race and it sucked bad. Eli also did the kids race and had a lot of fun!

After the race the kids watched the parade while I waited for my name to get called from the raffle drawing! I won a running outfit from The Running Store! it's the first time that I have won something from the Murray 5k raffle! Eli had a great time watching the parade and got a SHLOAD of candy!

I have so many more pictures that are cute but I'm going to limit myself! We also went to the Oakley Rodeo but I don't have the pictures of it yet so I will blog about it when I get the pics.