Friday, June 10, 2011

Effusive Eli

My cute son Eli has some words of wisdom to share...

Effusive Eli

Eli has had some major life events happen lately.  First a new baby, then a trip to Disney World (minus his parents) and now he's out of first grade.  He has taken to his new role of big brother wonderfully and is so sweet and helpful.   Here are some Eli moments that have happened recently...well maybe some not so recently but I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget and that's pretty good in my opinion.

Today Eli said "Mom, do you think life is pretty hard when Knox cries a lot like he did today?" (Knox has been pretty fussy.)
Me: "oh no, it's just a way for him to get his energy out. If we try to feed him and change him and hold him and he's still fussy then we just can let him cry."
Eli: "well, I just wanted you to know that you can always ask me for help."

That is typical Eli. He's SO SWEET.  He seriously is so caring and thoughtful.

At the store yesterday I was buying a bunch of yogurts and Eli was shocked and excited.  "why are you buying so much yogurt?! You never buy so much yogurt!"  Then I let him get a donut and he was even more surprised, "What's gotten into you?! You never buy so much good stuff. This is the kind of mom I like."  Apparently I'm usually some sort of ogre when it comes to grocery shopping. This sort of benevolent behavior continued though because today I made him a s'more in the microwave. Tonight when I was kissing him goodnight he said, "you seen to be feeling really good.  You made me a s'more and you came downstairs with me" (we played a video game for 10 minutes or less...haha) "I don't know what's gotten into you but I like it."

Stewart recently watched Eli (this was pre-Knox) and when I came home Eli knew all sorts of great things like how to pants people, how to keep from getting pantsed, and what mooning is all about. I was lamenting this sort of behavior and Eli proclaimed, "awww I just LOVE what that guy teaches me."

When Eli found out that his Aunt Leesa had a boyfriend (now fiance) and they kissed he said "I can't believe she finally let a boy touch her lips!"  Ha ha Leesa was known to be scared of boys until recently.

Eli's uncle Jed is in high school and apparently saw some girls fighting one day. On facebook he posted about it and I was reading the post to Stewart. Eli was there and heard and asked a few questions about it. He thought about it for a minute and then said, "hmm that must have been interesting to see some chicks fight."
Eli is a sweet little guy who still loves his mom. He asked me if we could do something together just us because I'm always taking care of Knox. I love that Eli isn't afraid to show his love for his mommy.