Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Thank You Note

Well here is my second grocery bag! This one looks a little boring which is crazy because I like the material a lot better and it's more sturdy too. Oh well I guess you live and learn.

After I got home from shopping with my bags there was a note on my door. It said:
"Becca, thanks for all you are doing for me.
Love, The Earth."

That made me feel really good about myself.
That was a joke. Please don't be offended if you do feel good about yourself because you are doing your part to save the earth.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Eli says: (and does)

Saturday night (or Sunday morning) Eli had a nightmare so he came to weasel his way into our bed. I told him that he couldn't come in our bed and to go back to his bed. He sat down on the floor with his pouty, stubborn face and I continued to sleep. Suddenly, he jumped up and said "I'll give you a kiss if you let me in your bed." He has turned my tricks against me! The only way I can get a kiss from my little boy is by coercion. I told him I'd lay in his bed with him for a little bit but I still wanted that kiss. I got it and we all went back to sleep.

Here is a typical conversation in our household:

Eli: How do you say gremlin?
Me: Gremlin

This happens at least once a day if not more. It's always different subjects but he is always asking some question that I have no idea what the answer is. It's actually really annoying to have these questions asked and the way that Eli responds to me like I'm an idiot is also annoying.

Eli has told me that I'm gorgeous about 5 times in the weekend! He is so sweet and loving.

His new phrase is "oh snap" he doesn't exactly know when to use it but it's so funny to hear him say it.

Now for the "does" portion of this post. Eli is all about copying exactly what Stewart does. If Stewart lays on the floor, Eli has to lay on it. If Stewart turns his hat backwards, so does Eli. It is so cute to see Eli acting this way and noticing his dad. It's a reminder to Stewart to be good!

Eli wrote me a "thank you note" I'm not sure why he called it a thank you note but he did. It said "L U MO ♥" That means "love you mom."

When I was sewing Eli came and told me to come see what he made. This is what I saw:

We think that Eli is the smartest and cutest little boy ever!

Sew What?

This Saturday I had such a fun day! I sewed so much! I didn't realize how much I would LOVE having a sewing machine. I mean I knew I would love it, I just didn't realize HOW much. First I sewed the top of a quilt for Eli but I'm not going to post pictures until it's all done. I did finish a project from start to finish and now I'll show you the proof!
This is my new grocery bag. I will be making another one also. I got SO sick of having 5 million little plastic bags at the house. If you would like to have your own grocery bag here are the instructions.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

B to the I to the NGO

Saturday Night was pretty rockin' at the Brough house. We had our first ever bingo night. There was yelling, fighting, and prizes...well not yelling and fighting but definitely prizes....and food.
There was a little fighting when people would hog the markers. (Mike)

Some people didn't ever get a real bingo even though they tried to call one. (Danny)

Some people left their prize but I'm glad because I really like it. (Robert)

All my siblings came with their significant others. By the way, Danny has a very significant other because his girlfriend Emi has decided that she would like to obtain "Sorensen Power" and marry him. :) So yea for Danny! He still hasn't blogged about it but I'm sick of not talking about it.

If you like fun things I would suggest hosting your very own bingo party. Really nothing brings people together like bingo. Click on the picture to learn what it takes to be a good bingo player. it was a very funny article!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Utahn

Eli is officially a true Utahn. I know this because he wanted to wear shorts in the middle of winter. This is a picture of him riding his scooter to school with shorts on.

Last Sunday Eli had a little accident at his Grandma Brough's house. Luckily she had a cute outfit that she was planning on giving him for Easter that she let us have early. Unluckily, it's very cool and is a Thomas the Tank outfit so now he wants to wear it EVERYDAY!

I was really embarrassed walking him to school because I figure that every parents was thinking how bad of a mom I was letting my child wear shorts in the winter. At least I made him wear his coat though! When I put it on him he tried to take it off and said that he didn't think his coat looked cute on his scooter. That's Eli for you! He's all about looking cool.

Monday, February 11, 2008

6 years ***Warning You Might Not Like This Post Mom***

So I told you what I was doing 10 years ago but do you want to know what I was doing 6 years ago?

6 year ago exactly I was making out with Stewart. In 2002, February 10th was on a Sunday just like it is this year. Stewart brought me cookies and invited me to go to ward prayer with him. He was supposed to bring them to me the Sunday before but didn't so I got mad at him at church on the 10th and he brought me some that night.

After ward prayer we went to his house because he said that he needed to make some more cookies. It was a lie but he had to get me to his house one way or another. So we did make cookies and we watched Goonies. We flirted and stuff during the movie and after it was over he made his move and kissed me. So then we made out for the next 7 hours or so. I'm not exaggerating.

I woke up Monday morning and was so happy because I REALLY liked Stewart. I had liked him from afar for a while but wasn't really interested in having a boyfriend then because I had just broken up with the stupid ex-boyfriend from the previous post about 2 or 3 months before. So I was really worried to see him that day because I didn't know if he was interested in anything more than just making out. Stewart worked at the computer lab and as I was walking down the long hallway toward the lab he saw me and had this huge smile on his face.

Monday, we went to an FHE valentine dance that Stewart was in charge of and the WHOLE ward was freaking out because they all knew Stewart (seriously everyone in the ward knew and loved Stewart) and no one knew me. We were like glue the whole night and one group of girls glared at me the whole time because Stewart had been hanging out with one of their friends a little bit and they could sense that my Sorensen Power had swooped in and there was no chance for that other girl to get with Stewart now.

So that night we made out for about 5 hours. It was either this night or the next night that I told him I didn't want to just be a kissing friend and he said he didn't either. He decorated my bed with really yummy candy for V-day and the rest is history. About 3 weeks later we knew we wanted to get married and June 6th we did. We always look back on this and laugh and can't believe how it all happened! We think that it's a funny story and I can't believe that I didn't scare Stewart away because if you don't know me I can be a little forward. He has stories, many, many stories.

I just remember really feeling drawn to Stewart and thinking that he was so hot and physically my type. I thought that he was out of my league and he thought the same. Stewart is very social and I'm more introverted (although he has brought me out a lot.) I loved his charisma and friendly attitude toward everyone. I think that we are a good match for each other and we are lucky that it worked out I guess! He could have married some crazy chick! :)

So 6 years ago exactly I was totally getting some! I'm going to go do that again...just to commemorate. :)


What the hell? People can "tag" other people and then the people who are tagged feel guilt for not doing their part. I have been tagged twice so now the guilt has doubled and I have to fill this out. Sorry! It's this over inflated sense of guilt that gets me to the gym and make me tell Stewart the naughty things I do (Honey, I have to tell you something, I spent 20 dollars on a shirt today...but it was on sale).

What were you doing 10 years ago.
Tuesday, February 10, 1998
Today my car broke! I was so mad. It's fixed now but I was so worried. I was driving home from (ex-boyfriends) house and all the sudden the lights went dim and the radio wouldn't work and it died! We thought it was the alternator but it was the alternator belt so it only cost 8.00 instead of 95.00. I was so lucky.

This was an excerpt from my journal from 10 years ago almost to the day. I was living in Cedar City with my cousin Mandy. I was going to SUU and I think still thinking about becoming a nurse. I had a boyfriend but he was stupid (that's what Stewart says!) I really liked Cedar and had a lot of fun there.

Things on my To-Do list today.
Bottle some chicken, make dinner, get Stewart from work...actually maybe I can get Stewart to take me out to dinner...I'll have to think about that one.

Snacks that I enjoy.
anything with chocolate, peanut butter with a banana, any fruit really, peanuts if we have them.

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?
I would buy a house! My house would have lots of fenced in backyard so Eli could have his OUTSIDE pet. I would pay off all our debt. I would donate to the Huntsman Cancer Institute because they are so wonderful. I would help our families with their debt. I would save a lot because you just never know. Oh and I'd buy us 2 brand spanking new cars! Ok Stewart I'd buy you a gun or two also. :) Basically I'd just buy our happiness. Because it seems like you really CAN buy happiness.

3 of my bad habits.
1-I bite my nails
2-I procrastinate
3-I keep a messy house

5 places I have lived.
1-Logan, Utah
2-St. Petersburg, Russia
3-Camp Towanda, Pennsylvania :)
4-West Jordan, Utah
5-Cedar City, Utah

5 jobs I have had.
1-MOM-that's the best one
2-Apartment manager-that's the worst right now because I'm still doing it.
3-CNA at Primary Children's Hospital-loved it!
4-Trainer at the West Jordan Care Center-it's a home for disabled people-I liked it
5-America Reads reading tutor-loved it!

5 things people don't know about me.
1-I have carefully thought out my attack method if a man ever attacks involves killing him.
2-I really want to be a roller derby girl, which you may know, but I am one small step closer to becoming one. (that's all I'm saying about that)
3-I have had 3 miscarriages
4-I am so scared to drive in any kind of inclement weather. My mom said I was like an old lady. People can die Mom!
And all the other things that I can think of are completely inappropriate and you don't want to know them anyway.

Now to lay on the guilt to someone else... I mean tag someone else.
I tag Georganne, Stacy, Mental Floss and Danny.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cheesecake Disaster!

When I got my taste of home cookbook this month I e-mailed my sister-in-law and mother-in-law and "called" dessert for our monthly dinner. So last night I made a cheesecake. This was the cheesecake I attempted except instead of the top layer being mocha I made it be peanut butter.

Everything was going fine. The layers tasted good and it looked great. I cooked it as per the directions and cooked it until "the center is set and the top looks dull" plus I added 5 minutes just for good measure. I let it cool for 10 minutes...again as per the instructions and then took off the sides and...

...this happened! I have made MANY a cheesecake and have never had anything like this happen before.

Stewart hightailed it out of the kitchen (afraid of my anger) but I was just kinda laughing as I cleaned it up. I am mad because the COST of making a cheesecake isn't cheap and now I don't know what to make for dessert tonight.

*sigh* why do I bother sometimes

Boy Wonder

Eli is getting smarter and smarter by the day. It's so fun to watch him learn new things and every once in a while teach him something! On Saturday, as I was getting ready Eli was sitting in the hall drawing. I walked by just as he was writing the "p" on this page. He wrote the word "stop" all by himself without asking for help. I was SO impressed!

Eli wrote it about 7 more times and cut them out to give to people. Because honestly who wouldn't want a stop sign written by this cute little boy?!

Later on Saturday we were getting Eli ready to go to a superhero party. On the gift he wanted to write "Eli gave this to you." You can see how it turned out. The "a" in gave is before the "g" and there is no "h" or "i" in this and he didn't write "you" because he had to eat his toast.

"s to
agve t

So reading bottom to top says "Eli gave this to"
I thought it was funny!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cute Eli

Today Eli offered to let me lick the corner of his mouth. He had had sherbet about 10 minutes earlier and discovered the remnants of his dessert on the corner of his mouth. He didn't know why it was so good and kept trying to get me to taste how good his skin was. I told him it was because of the sherbet and he didn't think it was as cool. I think that for just a minute he thought that's how his skin tasted!

I've been reading "The Book of Mormon" with Eli before bed. He is so cute and just listens for as long as I will read to him. He'll ask questions once in a while so I know he's listening part of the time. Well last night I was reading a part that says, "Joseph and his fathers kept the plates." Meaning that they wrote the plates of brass. Eli said "who kept them?" so I read it again. He said, "I thought Laban kept them." (Laban kept them away from Nephi.) I thought that was so neat that he understood and put that together! I explained it to him and he said "oh" and just kept on listening.

This morning Eli had a nightmare so I put him in bed with me. (Stewart had already left for Logan.) At some point Eli said, "I'm not 5! I'm 4. I'm still 4." I just went back to sleep. At breakfast I told him what he said and he started laughing and said that he had a dream that he was at his friend Anna's house and her friends were there. The friends were saying that only "5 kids" (meaning 5 year olds) could cut. ( I don't know what they were cutting.)

Eli is so funny and has been especially cute this week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Mommy

Eli just came into the kitchen and said: "When your heart stops beating we can get a new mommy."

"What?" I said

"When your heart stops beating we can get a new mommy that isn't allergic to cats."

That's just great! Eli is willing to sacrifice his mother to get a pet. He is watching Elmo's world and they are talking about cats. They showed a boy going to the humane society to choose a cat. I guess this set Eli off. If I wasn't really allergic to cats I think that I'd go get one right now!

So thanks Sesame Street! This is one parent that won't donate to your program!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not to cause a panic but...

...I think that it just might be girls scout cookie time! Dryers has their girl scout cookie ice cream on sale again. I saw it at the store and I got really, really excited. It might have been because I haven't had any sugar today but it probably was because "it's girl scout cookie time!" There is no other explanation necessary! Samoas are like God's gift to humans. Thin Mints are little slices of chocolate covered heaven.

Those are pretty much all I get because they are so expensive. When I was a girl scout I had two customers who bought probably 30 boxes each. It was awesome because it got me that much closer to getting the prize that I wanted. Now I understand it though. It's a long wait to get you some girl scout cookies!

p.s. in my opinion the ice cream isn't worth it. There are hardly any cookie pieces in the container!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Kinda Scared

So tonight I went to Menopause: the Musical. It was pretty funny and very strange! I'm sure that it was hilarious if you understood or have experienced what they were talking about. Mostly it made me really scared for "the change." It made it sound like you are going to go crazy. Maybe you do! I don't know and I don't want to find out.

I understood a little about the hot flashes because Clomid gave me hot flashes. My favorite song was sung to the tune of "My Guy." The words were changed to say "nothing I can do, the fat sticks like glue to my thighs" THAT I understand!

The worst part was when they were singing about vibrators because I was sitting right next to my MOM! I don't think that she thought that was so funny either because she was sitting right next to her DAUGHTER!

Anyway, this was my weird outing. I'm glad that my mom won tickets and that I was invited to go!

*oh and Stewart stayed home and babysat Eli and Eli's little friend Abe. What a nice guy!