Friday, June 26, 2009

Effusive Eli:

All these conversations took place today before 3:00

While talking about the death of Michael Jackson today Eli had some questions:
Eli: how did Michael Jackson die?
Becca: Well, he made some bad choices and took bad drugs.
E: not the good kind a doctor gives you.
B: Nope just bad ones.
E: were they the bad kind that make you have big muscles and look scary (meaning steroids)
B: no they weren't that kind.
E: I can't wait until Carrot Top dies.

I never blogged about Vegas but we stayed at the Luxor where Carrot Top performs. The posters that were EVERYWHERE freaked Eli out. Stewart told him how Carrot Top looks so freaky because he takes steroids.

Eli is obsessed with Legos.

E: I can't wait until I'm an adult.
B: Oh really why?
E: weeeell you might not like this when I tell you.
B: you can tell me.
E: well when I'm an adult and you die I'm going to buy the Lego Deathstar.
B: you don't have to wait until I'm dead to buy it. I'm just not going to buy it for you. You can buy it whenever you have enough money.
E: OH!

Eli: I just can't believe that Michael Jackson is dead! When I grow up I'm going to be his number one fan. Then I'll go see him.
Becca: you can't see him he's dead.
E: well I CAN dig up his body!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Party Post

The party for Stewart was absolutely wonderful! We had so many friends and family come to support us it was beyond what I expected. The weather cooperated with us as right at 9:00 when the party was scheduled to conclude the wind picked up and the sprinkling started.

It was a bittersweet party because while I was so happy that everyone came it meant that I would have to say goodbye to Stewart the next day. *boo hoo*

We are so lucky to have such amazing support from our loved ones!