Friday, April 24, 2009

Effusive Eli:

Eli has been a little sweetheart since Stewart has been gone. (I will blog about Vegas once Stewart send me the pics.)

While I was sewing a tooth pillow, Eli came in the house and said that he had a surprise for me. I told him that I was sewing a tooth pillow for him and he said, "oh how sweet."

He then took me down to my room where he had taped the picture to the left on the my wall. He even taped a little flower on it. He said it was so I wouldn't be so sad about daddy being gone. He also comes up and cuddles me so that I "won't feel so sad about daddy being gone." It's his way of telling me that he's sad about Stewart being gone without saying it.

At dinner the other night my dad was talking Eli into liking the soup we were having because it had all the things Eli liked. I told Eli that we could make a soup of chocolate, shrimp, and cheese. Eli looked at me disgusted and said, "is there really a soup like that?" I said no, but that we could make it up and what did he think about that? He said "ok, but you have to be the first one to taste it." I thought that that was pretty quick thinking.

Lost tooth

Eli lost his first tooth today! It was a drama/trama filled event. Eli was eating an apple and the tooth came out. He never realized that it was loose so he wasn't prepared at all. I heard him bawling and screaming and ran into the kitchen to see him sitting on the floor with blood on his hands and mouth. He said that his tooth fell out. I asked him if he fell and bumped it and said that he was eating an apple.

When I say "said" I mean the kind of talking that is filled with panic, tears, and fear. It was really pretty funny once I realized that his tooth fell out and hadn't cracked or something.

Through the tears he asked, "is it normal for a 5 year old's tooth to fall out?" I assured him that it was normal and that his 5 year old cousin has already lost a few teeth. Once he remembered about the tooth fairy he really cheered up then and the world wasn't so scary and confusing.

I hurried and sewed a little tooth pillow to keep his treasured tooth and more importantly to get the money from the tooth fairy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter was so fun this year! Eli had 3 egg hunts this year. The first was at Grandma Sorensen's house. The kids got to hunt eggs and then color eggs too. We were able to have all of my family there this year which made it SO fun.

The second was a Grandma Brough's house. I don't have pics from that one because the camera was still lost. Eli had a good time because his grandma invited over some neighbor boys and he had his cousin Charlie to hunt with. Again we had the whole family there.

On Sunday morning Eli got to hunt for eggs again! He got spoiled by the Easter bunny. It almost like the Easter bunny had to buy 3 bags of candy to give Eli a good selection. It also was so nice to have a huge bag of candy to take on our trip to Vegas.

We left Easter morning to take Stewart down to begin his deployment. *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Capitol Reef

We went to Capitol Reef as a last trip before Stewart's deployment. We went with Stewart's family and everyone was able to go except Laurie's family. We had such a good time.

We hiked, golfed off a cliff, flew kites swam, and had a wonderful vacation.

Eli was a great little hiker. He HAD to be the leader which mean I had to struggle to keep up with him! It was like he had all his winter energy stored up for this vacation.

We are HUGE fans of Capitol Reef and it didn't disappoint us this time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I lost my camera and with it the will to blog. I don't want to use the old yucky camera!

Here are some things that have happened lately:
1-The truck was broken into. BLAH. What was stolen? My temple bag. Jerks, I hope they burn. The truck has an alarm with and impact warning. We figure the alarm buzzed at them when they broke the window so they grabbed the bag and ran. If they had popped the lock the alarm would have gone off. The temple stuff is sad because it was very sentimental to me.

2-To get this truck registered I had to replace the headlight. Not just the bulb but the whole fixture. I like doing stuff like this because it really shows Stewart that I'm just using him for his body.

3-We have been trying to have lots of fun and spend time together because Stewart leaves in like a week and 1/2! I had an anxiety attack when I realized this yesterday. Somewhere I have lost a whole week! We are going to stay in Vegas with Stewart for a week until he actually flies to Camp Atterbury.

So that's been us. Just doing our thang.

And here is this in case anyone is going to be in Vegas on April 17th.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Effusive Eli:

For St. Patrick's day I made Eli his favorite breakfast, which is breakfast in bed. Unfortunately, I dyed the eggs green.

Eli looked on in disgust, tried them and then told me that his brain commanded him not to eat the eggs. I can't say that I blamed him because they looked disgusting.

Eli also told me that he thinks "stupid" is the boss of all the naughty words. I think it's because it his favorite naughty word to say.

My dad is a big-time gardener. BUT he has a "partner" now. As far as Eli is concerned my dad better not forget that. When my dad went out on a cold day to screen dirt Eli was a little frantic that he wasn't told about that. When my dad came in Eli said, "Did you plant anything?" When the answer was "no." Eli said "you better not plant without me."

On Sunday Eli was talking to my dad about anything that he could think of. When Eli is talking to one person like this you can't help them. If you try to deflect Eli's attention to give reprieve to his target he'll say, "I'm talking to Grandpa." So, among other things, Eli was asking my dad who the best golfer in the world was. When my dad said Tiger Woods was, Eli carefully mentioned that his other grandpa was probably the best golfer in the world.

When Eli realized that he will be starting kindergarten. He looked a little freaked out. He said, "but I can't go to kindergarten! I'm only 5 and it will be too hard!" When I told him that he can already read and count so that it wouldn't be hard he looked a little relieved.

We are just loving every second with Eli. He's such a loving, funny little guy. Eli has a tough time coming up with his daddy leaving but I think that he'll be a little trooper. He loves his Daddy so much and thinks that he's so tough and cool.