Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Horror

The FrontRunner: To be used as a torture device for mothers with small children and the people who sit around them.

Apology to some of the people who were on the 1:55 pm FrontRunner train that had to sit by me today:

I'm so sorry that you had to listen to 3 children scream and laugh and fight and play for 3 hours. I'm SO sorry that you "felt like you were in a daycare." I'm sorry that you couldn't say to my son, "your mother sure raised you right" like you could say to the little boy that sat across from us who "didn't make a sound the whole ride."

I'm also sorry that when we got to Ogden and you tried to get away from us by going to the upper level we followed you. If I could change this day I would! I would definitely NOT get on the FrontRunner Train. If I had to get on the train I would have gotten off in Woods Cross and caught the next train back to Salt Lake.

Yes, I rode the FrontRunner. For 3 hours today. It was Hell. My friend Heidi and I took her 2 girls and Eli and decided to go for a ride. Our kids get really hyper with each other and it was horrible they were so loud and crazy. We weren't' ignoring them though! We tried to get them to be quiet. We failed though. But still, we tried! The train that we were on kept getting delayed and it was just awful. And yes, some old lady really said those things above.

My review is this: The FrontRunner is so great if you live north and need to get into Salt Lake. Also, if you can go 80 whatever miles an hour then you should do that every chance you get!

One Example That We Are Bad Parents (Mostly Stewart)

While helping Eli buckle his seatbelt today I kinda pinched his finger. Not enough to make him cry but enough that it hurt. So we start leaving the parking lot and I realize that Eli is in the back making the sounds that are in the video below!

If you can't tell that's Peter Griffin from Family Guy. There is a better clip of the show here but it's like 2 minutes or something.

Eli LOVES Family Guy. Stewart started it so I blame him. When Family Guy is on Eli runs in to tell Stewart so that they can bond over naughty comedy. Stewart and I laughed so hard when we heard Eli copying Peter. It was funny in a sad kinda way.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Get Your Derby On

We have had the BEST Saturday! The roller derby season has started and we are SO happy. The Bomber Babes duked it out with the Leave It To Cleavers and of course the Bomber Babes won. We love the Bomber Babes for 2 reasons 1-they wear camouflage and 2- they are the best.

There is one girl that isn't a Bomber Babe that Stewart loves and her name is Dirty Pirate Hooker. Stewart's brother Todd liked her too so all the boys had to get their picture taken with her. Todd totally tried to work it! :) I also found out that Dirty Pirate Hooker is the aunt of one of my primary kids! Eli was cute cheering for the Bomber Babes but I did hear him yelling "GO ROCKETS" a few times so I'm not sure what that was all about.

I will let you know when the next bout is so that you can all come. First timer Todd is hooked and already bought tickets for the next game. I know that if you come you will love it too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Take Him Anywhere

I can't take Eli anywhere with out him attracting a lot of attention. While shopping yesterday I had 2 women come up and talk about how cute he was and as they walked away I heard them talking about his glasses and how cute they were. Then a lady thought that is was so cute how good he was shopping with me. Then last night I took him to get his haircut and all the girls there kept talking about how cute he was. (He giggled throughout the entire haircut.) One of the girls who was getting her haircut asked "where did you get him?! He is so cute."

I have to admit that he is pretty darn cute.

I hurt my foot and was complaining that it hurt so Stewart would give me some attention and Eli yelled out "if it hurts then stop walking on it." Later that night Eli said that he would take care of me because "Stewart has to do his homework." When I went to sit on the couch to get my American Idol on, Eli told me to go in my room and read a book because he wanted to watch a show. That was his way of taking care of me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Today Eli told me: "I have good news and bad news."

"This is going to be funny," I thought to myself.

Eli: "The bad news is that I can't drink as much as you can, and the good news is that Daddy is doing good on his homework."

In other Eli news:

Eli is reading! He can read Bob Books. If you have a Costco card I recommend going now and buying the Bob Books there. They are a GREAT deal and are only at Costco for a limited time. Normally they are 5 sets for 14-17 dollars per set but for this special they have combined the 5 sets into 3 and they are only 10.00 per set! 30 bucks instead of 75 for all of the books. It's really cool. AND they are bigger than the original Bob Books.

My friend Valerie has a sister who has given us some hand-me-downs. One of the things she gave us was this really ugly pair of pants. They are just Levi jeans but they are light blue and not very cute. I thought that they would be good for camping or hiking. Of course they are Eli's favorite pants in the world. I told him to wear pants today and he came in to me in tears because he found a pair of Levi shorts and thought I had cut his pants. He said, "You shouldn't have cut my pants Mom!" I'm sure he was thinking that I sewed them into a blanket.

Last night at the Chevron Credit Union dinner/meeting, Eli told me that he was going to go cheer Brooklyn up because she got salad. I said, "well you got salad too." (The waiter had just put it down at his spot.) He looked freaked out and said, "I don't want salad!" And I cheered him up by taking it away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Evil Twin

While watching Arthur this morning, Eli proclaimed that Binky had an evil twin.

The story was that someone kept writing "Binky Rules" on the school wall and so the principle thought that Binky was writing it. Buster was playing detective and one of his theories was that Binky had an evil twin that was causing the problems.

I told Eli that he didn't really have an evil twin, it was what Buster thought might have happened. Eli was firm that Binky had an evil twin and then he proclaimed, "I wish I had an evil twin!" Poor kid he wants a sibling so bad that an evil twin sounds good!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wrapped Around His Finger

You might think that this post will be about how Stewart has me wrapped around his finger. Or about how Eli has me wrapped around his finger. Or about about how Eli wraps gum around his finger and then it gets everywhere. These are all wrong. This post is about how Eli has his father wrapped so tightly around his finger it's ALMOST disgusting!

Here is the latest incident that proves my point. On Saturday, while at The Sportsman's Warehouse, Eli and Stewart were looking at backpacks which progressed to them looking at Camelbaks. So basically it ended with Eli getting a Camelbak if he promised to clean his room when we got home. Eli, of course, promised that he would and thanked us profusely for his "packpack".

As soon as we got home Eli lamented how he was tired of earning things and could we just give him the back pack! Of course we didn't give in and he didn't clean his room until Monday night.

I just think that it's so funny how Stewart and Eli have this funny little connection. They bond over Army songs, flashlights, and "packpacks." It's nice to see a father and son together and I love both the father and son that reside in my house!

Sorensen Power-It's True

If you read my hubby's blog then you might have read this post. There really is this thing called "Sorensen Power." It's pretty amazing. There are all sorts of benefits of having this power. You've probably heard the phrase, "men want her and women want to be her." The first person who said this was a Sorensen. It's a Sorensen Saying. It's pretty much the closest that one can come to describing what it's like to be a Sorensen.

Anyway, Stewart has often smirked at the idea of Sorensen Power. (It's jealousy.) While we were at Capitol Reef though he saw the true magnitude of Sorensen Power. As we were driving along, suddenly before us there was an "S" formed by white rock on the side of the mountain. We all felt the power in the car and even Stewart cleared his throat a little more often than normal to hide the emotion. It was a truly beautiful moment.