Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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Besides impregnating me, Stewart has been up to a lot in the past little bit. He came home from Afghanistan March 27, 2010. I was SO happy and I think he was too. ;) After he came home we had some time before he had to go back to work so we went on a few vacations. The first one was to Capitol Reef which was a failure since we all three spent the weekend puking in a hotel room.
Our next trip was too Mesa Verde and on our way back we hit a couple National Parks in Utah. It was awesome. Probably the best family vacation we have ever taken. I loved every second of it. Part of the fun of that trip was the truck that Stewart bought. He loved driving it and even offered to let me drive it when we were off-road. That's true love. I didn't take him up on it but still...true love.

Stewart also had a birthday! The big 31. We had a 31 flavors of ice cream toppings to celebrate. That was a lot of sugar.

Stewart's hobbies nowadays are making bullets and then shooting those bullets out of guns. I think both parts of that are equally fun for him. He has had some camping trips and other types of boy things that I mostly stay out of. He built some target stands that were pretty sweet.

He's had some wicked fights with Eli (Eli won) and some kissing matches with me (I won).

Other than that he is still in the Vegas Cavalry unit so he goes down there once a month. He is currently job hunting more than he is rabbit hunting. Having him home has been so much fun and I love him to bits.

Monday, February 21, 2011


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We moved into the house on September 17th and 18th and Eli turned 7 on September 19th. We had a big party with both sides of the family. Luckily, the house has a nice covered porch so we ate and partied outside, away from the boxes that were everywhere.

Since Eli's birthday last year I have had it in my mind that I was going to make a wonky cake. (look for the wonky looking cake. There's no other explanation.) Well I didn't know that I'd be in the middle of a move so I settled on 2 ice cream cakes that tasted fine but were kind of lame.

Eli started first grade again after the move. He was like a superstar. All the kids were so excited for the new kid and they surrounded him when we went to meet his teacher. I felt kind of bad for Eli because he was on A track out in Herriman and right before his break is when we moved. So he started first grade July 26th and will get out the end of May or beginning of June. (not sure) After he'd been at his new school for a month he asked when he was going to get a long break. haha

I was lucky that we moved so I could get a first day of school picture since I am a bad mom and didn't get one the real first day of first grade. Whoops.

Eli is a fun guy and is actually a great help. He has stated cleaning his bathroom and has always tried hard to keep his room clean. He shovels snow like a pro and has his own garden tools...which are the only garden tools we own. haha. He excels in school and his teacher keeps thanking us for moving here. He has enjoyed being the "top of the class" and I have loved seeing him learn.

Most of all Eli is so excited to be a big brother. He wanted a sister very badly but is now excited that he's going to have a brother. After all it will be 3 against 1 (boys to girls) but Eli said I can have the baby on my team. Which means the baby and I will get tickled a lot. When I suggest parents against kids Eli nixes that idea.

All in all we love our boy. It has been fun to see him grow up so much in the past few months. Something about them being away for lots of the day changes them. He has friends and interactions that I (sometimes) hear about after the fact. It makes me sad to not be totally involved in every aspect of his life anymore but it's fun to see him grow up too.

And that is the catchup on Eli. Next I'll catch you up on Stewart...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm baaaack!

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I'm baaaack!

I hope I can remember how to do this blogging thing. Reading back on my previous blogs I realized how hilarious I was and how you probably all really missed me.

I was going to start back up in January, (not as a New Years resolution thing though) but then I couldn't find the cord to Stewart's camera. I needed that camera because it had the pictures of the house that we bought in September. That camera has a weird SD card so the only way to transfer pics is with the cord. It seemed like God didn't want me to blog so I just chilled out and then lo and behold Stewart found the cord on Saturday.

That reminds me of another thing I didn't think God wanted me to do which was have another baby and lo and behold in September I found out I am pregnant. When we move to Bountiful I get pregnant but this one has stuck and I am as big as a house. We are SO happy and excited and thankful and anxious...wait, I should say I am anxious because I still don't trust myself to carry a baby full term and I can't believe I'm going to actually have another baby! Stewart just is patient with me and listens to all my worries and then says don't worry.

I'll leave here with a few pictures because if you think I'm going to type everything that's happened since I last wrote you are nuts. I will probably go into more detail later on some of these things but for now...enjoy.