Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eli Says:

We have had a few good ones lately.

While racing with Eli tonight, I was talking smack about how he is slow and he was going to lose. He said, "No I won't. I have 2 things to help me! Mr. Arms and Mr. Legs."

While eating dinner Saturday Eli said, "my brain wants healthy dinner but my mouth keeps thinking about candy!"

On Sunday we were practicing the primary program. Eli LOVES talking in a microphone. After he said his part he hurried and said "I love my mom."  I hope he really does that in the program! It was so cute. After his second part he said "I love my dad." Of course everyone was laughing.  I am NOT going to encourage it of course but I'm not necessarily going to go out of my way to tell him NOT to say it. :)

Shoot there was one more funny thing but now I can't remember it.  One of my friends says that she writes her son's funny sayings on a post-it note. I need to do that! 

Edited to add: Oh I just remembered!  Eli has been playing Lego Star Wars. His favorite character is T.T.2.tar. That is his way of pronouncing R2D2. It makes me laugh every time!


Deidra said...

So cute! My mouth keeps thinking about candy too! You are lucky that he likes to talk into the microphone.

Valerie S said...

I love to hear the funny things he says.

The Haights said...

How funny! What a cutie!

The Bollinger Family said...

I have the same problem with my brain and mouth. I really want to go for the salad, but the brownie looks really really good.
Eli is a hilarious kid. He must be so much fun to have around. I hope you are enjoying Kentucky. Are you going to be there for Christmas?

Alicia said...

Dang, I love that kid.

The Benites Family said...

I have been following your blog through Stacy, for quite awhile but I just added you to my list. You and Danny are so funny!