Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eli Says:

I am currently bedridden because I jacked up my back and am on percocet. We spent 3 hours at the ER last night to get some drugs and a diagnosis of lower back pain. This was funny (not haa haa funny) because the pain is not in my lower back but up in my upper back. It also wasn't funny how the ER wasn't busy and 4 hospital nurses/PA's stood around having a great time not working while I waited. Also I wanted a muscle relaxer and NOT pain killer but oh well.

Anyway, Eli has said some funny things lately. The other day when I asked him how he felt he said that he felt "lay downish." Which meant "I'm tired and want to lay down and watch cartoons."

Eli made a "that's what she said" joke. Of course he didn't mean to but it was funny. Eli has had a hard time adjusting to being back to KY because of the time change. He took a nap one day and then couldn't fall asleep that night. I told him that I shouldn't have let him take a nap. When Stewart said the same thing to him 20 minutes later Eli said, "that's what she said." Stewart about died laughing and was a little proud too.

Eli: Do you know why I'm not embarrassed to tell you that I love Elizabeth?
Me: No
Eli: You like Elizabeth, right?
Me: Yes
Eli: That's why I'm not embarrassed to tell you and Dad that I love Elizabeth.

We got up REALLY early to get to the airport and when I woke Eli up I said, "Eli we get to ride on an airplane!" (If you don't wake him up in a good mood you are going to be sorry for the rest of the day.) In his cute, just woken up voice he said, "I'm just excited to see Daddy again." AWWW it made me really happy that we were going to KY when I heard that.

I told Eli to get his coat on and he said/sang: "brr it's cold in here. I'm cold to my toes and up to my ears."

Most mornings Eli will come and cuddle me in bed for a few minutes. Since we have been back to KY he says, "I just can't stop cuddling you!"

And as usual, I can't remember a few more that I just KNEW I wouldn't forget.


jeri said...

Isn't it weird how they have to wake up in good moods or it's all over? When we went to Disneyland, we had to wake the kids at 4am to make it to the airport on time. So I sat in the passenger seat singing songs and promising to buy them several million dollars worth of Disney-themed souvenirs and acting out scenes from hit plays and major motion pictures... just to keep everyone happy. Except Joe. I don't think any of it made him very happy.

I'm sorry you hurt your back! What on earth did you do?

The Bollinger Family said...

I soooooo fell for you. I just got over a bad case of back pain too. Mine was lower back though and a little PT made it better pretty quickly. What did you do? Percocet is crazy!!!

Deidra said...

Hope your back gets better soon and don't get addicted to the percocet, it's pretty....well, you know.

Eli is darling!

Valerie S said...

Sorry you are having back spasams. They are the worst. It just takes time for them to ease up and the muscles to heal. Glad you'll be home next week! Sorry I'll be in St. George having fun! :)

The Haights said...

You haven't said what you did to your back!!

Alicia said...

The "that's what she said" made me laugh out loud. I love that kid!

Laurel said...

Would you mind raising my kid for me? Because yours is AMAZING!!!

M. Nelson said...

This back thing must be going around. I should be removing wallpaper, but instead I'm going to the chiropractor. Okay, so maybe I'm faking to get out of the work :). The chiropractor will never know--they're quacks!

Maria said...

Becca, I hope you are OK! Eli is such a cutie. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time together. It was so nice to see you guys over the holidays. Let us know when you move back to UT! We would love to get together!

Sterling said...

Hurray for percocet posts!

kristi and family said...

i hope you get better soon... crazy drugs!!!

Tom and Danielle said...

I'm feeling a little lay-downish myself! Hope your back gets feeling better!