Thursday, August 20, 2009

Effusive Eli:

Eli is the proud owner of a "golden tooth." After visiting the dentist recently Eli was proud to show EVERYONE including strangers the visual proof of my failings as a mother. He has a silver filling that he's sure will fetch him a 20 dollar reward when the tooth fairy visits in a few years. When his cousin wished for a silver tooth too and wondered why Eli got one? Eli replied, "because I was so good at the dentist."

I guess that's better than Eli crying over a silver tooth though. When Eli's little cousin gave him a fat lip, he cried and cried because he thought he looked ugly.

When the same little cousin was crying face to face with Eli he said "mom, get him out of my face! He's crying in my face." Crying children stress Eli out way bad.

Eli's grandpa gave him and his cousins pocket knives on Sunday. It was about the best day of their lives. To showcase the wonderful attributes of the knives Brooklyn and Eli put on an infomercial. Some of the things that you can accomplish with the knives are sawing wood, cutting things, and killing bears.


Mickael said...

I got the same response when I asked him about why he got a golden tooth. I thought he'd tell me he didn't brush enough or something like that but he just got a big happy grin on his face and said, "because I was so good at the dentist!" Classic Eli.

Valerie S said...

Becca's not kidding when she says he shows it to strangers. It's funny but embarassing. Who wants to look in a kids mouth? They always look like they are afraid something's going to jump out at them. But he thinks his golden tooth is very cool (it's really sivler).

Alicia said...

First...Your mom is hilarious. I love her.
Second... if it makes you feel any better, Blaine had to have a whole mouth of silver teeth from about 18 months until post-baby teeth. His parents gave him juice (and Pepsi) in his bottles.
It could always be worse.

Tammy said...

I didn't know they still put silver in teeth.

The Haights said...

Eli is so funny! He actually hasn't shown me his golden tooth. Maybe cuz he knows I'm famous for pulling teeth out!

Was it one of my kids who gave him the fat lip? I'll tell Chloe to be nicer. Nathan is always telling us how she hits him. Sorry!