Saturday, November 7, 2009


I got my new bike. I love it because it's pink and SO much lighter than my other bike...which was really Stewart's bike. After I bought it I almost threw it over my head when I was loading it on the car rack. It's SO light. I went with a hybrid bike because the road bikes intimidated me and my back hurts after biking so I am really only good for a 2 hr ride at the most. It's easier to sit up straighter with these kind of handlebars. The day after I bought my bike it snowed! I was so sad and had to wait about a week and a 1/2 to get my first ride.
Our Halloween was not the best. Eli got a tummy ache after the 6th house. I was worried that he was getting the swine flu but he was better the next day. Danny and Emi came to visit and Danny really freaked Eli out.

Here are some of our other October pictures. We had a fun month.


Alicia said...

I love the hair on the "mom" snowman's head. Great job, Eli!
P.S. We really need to hang out.

The Haights said...

Danny does look freaky! Poor Eli!

Your bike is SO cute! I like it!

Valerie S said...

Personally I think Eli got sick from having to look at Danny across the dinner table. We should have made Danny go in the other room to eat and just looked at Emi. :)

slccitygirl said...

OMG!! Eli is so cute in his costume, he looks like he is a total pro. at taking pictures..his little legs are crossed!! How cute!!

Mary Beth said...

What is w/the snow Becca? I love the bike. You are so hip! Our Halloween was better this year. I could actually walk! We miss you and Eli,
Mary Beth and Grace

Tammy said...

The picture of the snowman is so cute! I don't know what a hybrid bike is but congratulations!