Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Eli has taken to chatting online. I have always believed that children need as much free access to the Internet as possible at the age of six. OK that's not really true. If I chat Eli likes to sneak in and take over. The first time was with my brother and Eli did it without any prompting from me. Today he chatted with Stewart for a few minutes but I did tip him off that Stewart was online.

9:59 AM me: hi mi name is eli
10:00 AM Stewart: hi eli!
my name is daddy
10:01 AM me: hi i mistu
Stewart: I miss you too
I love you so much
10:04 AM me: no i love you so much
10:05 AM Stewart: are you going to school today?
10:07 AM me: ok I'm back

Eli is pretty much awesome...in my humble opinion. ;)

Next up: get Eli his own email account.


Lamb Fam said...

That's awesome!

Alicia said...

He is pretty much awesome.

sorensenpower said...

Oh and tell how he has his own facebook account.