Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Besides impregnating me, Stewart has been up to a lot in the past little bit. He came home from Afghanistan March 27, 2010. I was SO happy and I think he was too. ;) After he came home we had some time before he had to go back to work so we went on a few vacations. The first one was to Capitol Reef which was a failure since we all three spent the weekend puking in a hotel room.
Our next trip was too Mesa Verde and on our way back we hit a couple National Parks in Utah. It was awesome. Probably the best family vacation we have ever taken. I loved every second of it. Part of the fun of that trip was the truck that Stewart bought. He loved driving it and even offered to let me drive it when we were off-road. That's true love. I didn't take him up on it but still...true love.

Stewart also had a birthday! The big 31. We had a 31 flavors of ice cream toppings to celebrate. That was a lot of sugar.

Stewart's hobbies nowadays are making bullets and then shooting those bullets out of guns. I think both parts of that are equally fun for him. He has had some camping trips and other types of boy things that I mostly stay out of. He built some target stands that were pretty sweet.

He's had some wicked fights with Eli (Eli won) and some kissing matches with me (I won).

Other than that he is still in the Vegas Cavalry unit so he goes down there once a month. He is currently job hunting more than he is rabbit hunting. Having him home has been so much fun and I love him to bits.