Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Entrepreneur

Eli had a great idea to make some money. He was pretty sure that he was going to make 100 dollars by playing his "drums".

I warned him that it probably wouldn't work but he was determined.  Luckily his father took some pity and put some coins in the bucket.

 After there were some coins in the bowl he tipped it so that passersby could see that you are supposed to put money in it.  
He also did some drum stick flips to increase the wow factor.

Unfortunately, we live in a cul-de-sac and only 2 cars passed by and really who would pay a kid money for beating on his tin garbage can.


Valerie S said...

Maybe he needs to go down to the corner? I don't understand why this didn't work.

Mickael said...

I think it was due to the poor location. He had good donation jar placement and the stick flipping definitely added to the wow factor. I think you need to take him to the Energy Solutions Arena after a Jazz game. Then his busking skills will really pay off!

Kim said...

He's so funny!!!