Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wind Storm (or crazy weekend in Bountiful)

Davis County had a HUGE wind storm the first.  I love up about 3:00 am and could hear the worst racket.  I looked outside to see our fence partially falling over and the neighbors tramp 1/2 way through it. By the time we got up in the morning the tramp was all the way across our backyard and the fence was laid flat.  My poor little apple tree was crushed under the fence and some cable and phone lines were knocked down.  It was a crazy day with the wind blowing all weekend long.  

Stewart and I had to head to Vegas so we dropped Eli off to our neighbor Jodie's house and Knox was already at Grandma Brough's. School was cancelled for Eli so Grandma Brough went to get Eli as soon as she could get over there. 

While we were gone the neighbors did a cleanup and secured down anything that could cause more damage in the wind. Even church was canceled!  I felt like we missed out on all the excitement but it did end up being  a nice weekend away with Stewart. 

poor little tree is so smushed under that fence.