Sunday, August 19, 2012

Park City

The Brough's took us to Park City again this year.  This is a fun trip for us to have.  We stayed at some different condos this year and it was really fun.  I think we all liked the new location better.  They had a really fun kid pool that Knox would have lived in if he could have.  I had just had a minor surgery and everyone was really nice to help out with my kids. 
 Eli is a good little swimmer and LOVES to be in the water.  He is a much better swimmer than I ever was at his age.

 Cousin fishies.  Laurie brought these water wings and they gave Knox the freedom to walk around the pool.  It was awesome.

 We did do things other than just swimming.  Games of tennis happened. I never played but everyone else had fun with it.
We also found a sand box and the kids had fun while the adults listened to an outdoor concert. 
The worst thing of the trip was that Eli ended up with the stomach flu on our last night. He was up all night barfing up a storm.  He asked me at one point to please kill him.  I think he was pretty miserable.  Poor little guy. I drove him and Knox home early the next morning and Stewart's dad drove him home after they went shopping to the Browning outlet.