Monday, March 3, 2008

An Ancient Necklace

Eli is a huge fan of Scooby Doo: Where's my Mummy In this show they have an ankh necklace that plays a role in the show. Velma refers to this as an ancient necklace. Eli talks about "an ancient necklace" for a day or so following a screening of this cartoon. Today Eli made this:

Last night he took over a lot of the yarn that I used to tie a quilt and this morning he made this ankh. I LOVE when he does stuff like this because it makes me think that he's so smart and creative.

Eli loves string. He likes to tie up stuff to other stuff...or people. Today after the ankh picture he had me tie a piece of string to every finger and both arms so that he could be a jellyfish. I have no idea how that makes him a jelly fish but there you go. I've been working and stood up so find out that I've been tied to the chair. luckily his "knots" are usually him twisting the yarn a whole bunch of times but he gets some pretty good knots sometimes. I love having a little boy who is so creative and funny and cultured...I mean, come on, do your kids know what an ankh is?! :)


Mickael said...

Where is the picture of Eli as a Jelly Fish?

Alicia said...

I'm with you BJ. This kid is a freakin' genius!

Ben said...

He's smart alright...too smart! Since when has Scooby-Doo been a cover for you engaging in mystical teachings and creating a super-human man-child with boundless intelligence?
Just to think you would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!

Raina said...

ankh? my little boy definately doesn't know what that is.. because I DON't Know what that is. :D He is uber smart!