Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Thank You Note

Well here is my second grocery bag! This one looks a little boring which is crazy because I like the material a lot better and it's more sturdy too. Oh well I guess you live and learn.

After I got home from shopping with my bags there was a note on my door. It said:
"Becca, thanks for all you are doing for me.
Love, The Earth."

That made me feel really good about myself.
That was a joke. Please don't be offended if you do feel good about yourself because you are doing your part to save the earth.


Jill said...

Oh those are really cute! I like #2 better as well. Yay for one more chick who cares about the environment! I have been using canvas bags for almost a year now to compensate (in my mind) for the gas hog I drive :p

Angie Monson said...

You are so funny. Love it.


georganne said...

Becca you are hilarious!!! And I love your second bag as well. Don't confuse simple with boring. It's lovely.

Alicia said...

I don't get it... was someone playihg a trick on you? Did you actually get a note frome the earth? How cool is that?
I've been laughing about this ever since our lunch. :)

Scar Belly said...

You are such a tree hugger

Sterling said...

I got a note too! Mine said "Sterling, Thanks for killing me slowly with pound after pound of eye watering, choking emissions!
P.S. I was talking about you...not your car, although your car doesn't help things either.
P.S.S. I hate you!

Your Mother Earth"
I didn't share my enthusiasm that you had.

sorensenpower said...

I can't believe that the earth some how wrote a note for you. Did he/she/it do it through the means of a small creature, such as a dog, or an army of ants? Or did the earth form a mud monster to do it's deeds?