Friday, May 2, 2008

It Really Happened!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. Stewart commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant (2LT) and he is also graduated! We had such a great time in Logan for this long awaited event. I was so proud of Stewart today. He looked so sexy and cool in his army greens.

He was sworn in by LTC Curtis who was the commanding officer of the ROTC when Stewart was up there. Stewart's mom and I pinned on Stew's gold bars. It was such a neat program and I was a little emotional as Stewart was being sworn in. I think that it's so awesome how he wants to serve his country. Stewart used to want to be a helicopter pilot but now he wants to be in an armor unit. He has said that he will be happy with whatever he gets because he just wants to serve in the army. We will have to wait until the beginning of September to find out what he assesses in but just getting college over and done with is a huge relief!

Stewart gave me a really pretty necklace in honor of my part in his graduation. :) (it's so nice to be appreciated!) His parents and I went in on a shotgun for 2LT Brough because I didn't want to see what it looked like for a 2LT to cry.

It was just a really GREAT day and I'm so happy that it has come and passed without incident.

The first part of this video is the officers oath. Hopefully you can hear it because it's really neat. The second part is the pinning of the gold bars and the third is the silver dollar salute.

Pinning the bars.

A happy mother!

Eli LOVES little Charlie ------------------------------------------Future Aggies!


The Haights said...

Wow! That was really cool. I got a little choked up too! I wish I could have been in two places at once!!! (But without my kids in both places.)

Jill said...

Yay congrats to Stewart and your family! He does look pretty hot in that uniform! :) Does this mean you're going to be moving away?!

Scott and Michelle said...

Congratulations Stewart! That is so awesome. We are so happy for you and your family. Good luck!!!

Rebecca said...

Congrats. That is an emotional part. I remember my brother going through that last year. I got a little choked up, also. What are your plans now?

Ben said...

Yeah! Right on 2nd Luey!
Very cool.

kristi and family said...

Becca.. That is so exciting... I am glad we found each others BLOGS, now we can keep up!!! Congrats to your hubby!!! See ya

Valerie S said...

Congratulations Stewart. We're so proud of you. I'm glad you got a picture in your cap and gown too.

Scar Belly said...

I am pretty happy to be done with my bachelors degree and starting on my career in the Army.

As of yet I don't have a branch assignment or orders - so I don't know what I'll be doing or where I'm going yet.

I'll be assessed in August, at which time they'll give me a branch (Armor, Infantry, Engineers, etc.)

Shortly thereafter (hopefully) I'll be getting orders which will specify where and when my initial training will be and where Becca and I will be stationed.

Thanks for the congratulations - Becca and I had to struggle with a few obstacles to get here; everything from my loathing of school to getting treated for cancer. We appreciate all the help and support we got from our friends and family!


Alicia said...

This is the greatest news I've heard in a LONG time!!! Congrats you guys.