Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Horror

The FrontRunner: To be used as a torture device for mothers with small children and the people who sit around them.

Apology to some of the people who were on the 1:55 pm FrontRunner train that had to sit by me today:

I'm so sorry that you had to listen to 3 children scream and laugh and fight and play for 3 hours. I'm SO sorry that you "felt like you were in a daycare." I'm sorry that you couldn't say to my son, "your mother sure raised you right" like you could say to the little boy that sat across from us who "didn't make a sound the whole ride."

I'm also sorry that when we got to Ogden and you tried to get away from us by going to the upper level we followed you. If I could change this day I would! I would definitely NOT get on the FrontRunner Train. If I had to get on the train I would have gotten off in Woods Cross and caught the next train back to Salt Lake.

Yes, I rode the FrontRunner. For 3 hours today. It was Hell. My friend Heidi and I took her 2 girls and Eli and decided to go for a ride. Our kids get really hyper with each other and it was horrible they were so loud and crazy. We weren't' ignoring them though! We tried to get them to be quiet. We failed though. But still, we tried! The train that we were on kept getting delayed and it was just awful. And yes, some old lady really said those things above.

My review is this: The FrontRunner is so great if you live north and need to get into Salt Lake. Also, if you can go 80 whatever miles an hour then you should do that every chance you get!


The Haights said...

NO WAY! Someone actually said that!

georganne said...

My favorite part is that this post is right above the one titled:

"One Example That We Are Bad Parents"

It's good that there are still people that judge others in this world. What would a mother be without negative criticism every time she goes in public. She would never know how to raise her child without strangers telling her how to do it.

Becca--Wow. That's awful!

Scar Belly said...

Ha ha - at least Eli, Anna, and Betsy had fun.

Don't worry about that old lady - yesterday I offered to help her cross the street, but then I pushed her in front of a bus instead.

Guess my mom didn't raise ME right either ;-)

sorensenpower said...

I wish this post ended with you getting in a fist fight with that old lady!

I'm sure she was raised in a family where "children should be seen and not heard."

Laurie said...

Oh too bad... you should have ridden (rode?) the train we were on... The little kids dominated that ride... and there were no crankypants old ladies, just mexicans "spanishing" at Charlie and then smiling at me (presumably since they didn't know "your son is freaking adorable!!!!" in English)

Lamb Fam said...

Hey Becca
This story is hilarious! Thanks goodness for blogs so I can keep in touch (kindof) and see what ya'll are up to.
Eli is so super cute!!

Ben said...

Old ladies and trains are never a good combo. Val really wanted to go too...Val's glad our two little ones didn't add to the madness of the Frontrunner!
But that's a pretty sweet double-decker train. I race it on the freeway everyday!

jeri said...

Seems like if you don't want to see or hear other people's children you should skip public transportation and take the Senior Citizens Bus with all the other blue-hairs.

Sorry Bec, some people just stink!

jeri said...

I met your old lady. She was on TRAX with me today. First she got mad that when she was separated from Old Lady #2 on the crowded platform, my family happened to be in between OL2 and herself. Then she had to wait 14 extra seconds for me to fold up an umbrella stroller before I could get on the train. Then my kids laughed and played on the ride home instead of being silent. Then she was snarky to Joe and boy is she lucky she made her escape before he got over the shock of how rude she was. Because... wow. I hate whiney people.