Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eli Tag

Thanks for the tag Deidra.

5 things I love about Eli:
(Since this blog is basically a shrine to Eli I'm sure you all know what I love about him but I'll play the game.)

1-He makes me laugh everyday. Today it was by saying: "I like snakes a little but I hate them a lot." He always contradicts himself in the same sentence it's so funny. 

2-He is loving and sweet. He always says: "I love this whole family!" or "I love you and Dad, Dad loves you and me, you love me and dad." He loves cuddle bugs and still gives me big hugs and kisses. 

3-He is so social.  He can make friends with anyone and loves to have friends. 

4-He is very worried about who he is going to marry.  He really wants to marry his Grandma Brough's neighbor girl and often wonders "what if she chooses Landon?" Yeah, he's already kissed her... well, she kissed him but he liked it and wants to kiss her again. He played at her house over conference weekend and when I picked him up I asked him if he kissed her. He said "no" then he smiled and whispered "I should have kissed her."

5-He has THE cutest BUM! And he pretty much lets me pinch it whenever I want.  He wore his footie jammies last night minus undies. SO CUTE!  I spent the morning pinching his bum. 

I tag Alicia, Stacy, Michelle, Laurie, Georganne.


The Bollinger Family said...

He will hate you when you tell his girlfriends stories about pinching his cute little bum. What a cutie!

Valerie S said...

I think this was your favorite tag and you're very glad Deirdra thought of you! After all, this is your favorite subject. And I love to hear everything about him.

The Haights said...

Eli is so cute. Brooklyn would be jealous of that other little girl. They should never meet.

Thanks a lot for the tag! I hate being tagged. I think I might actually do this one though.

Deidra said...

That was so cute. I love that he wants to kiss that girl! I always tell Zack he needs a girlfriend to kiss because he is always wanting to kiss me. He told me he has a crush on me. I would have tagged Stacey but since she has three kids....I thought she would be mad at me. So thanks!