Saturday, October 11, 2008

There and Back Again...

I was in Utah. I only posted once about the ABBA Extravaganza. I was too busy running around I guess or just too lazy to go get the camera out. Eli and I flew in to attend my big brothers wedding. He got married to a total babe on 10-9-08. Get it 10.9.8. Now Mike has a great anniversary date that will be hard to forget. Good wives do that for their husbands (right Stewart!)

Anyway, we had a great visit and I'm so glad that I was able to go and see my family and be there for the wedding. Everything would have been perfect except Stewart had to stay home because he's still training and the army doesn't feel bad if they make you miss your brother-in-law's wedding. Jerks. Actually it's good because I came back home to the best tank boss (or whatever they call them) there ever was. Pretty sexy. AAOOOWWW

I pretty much didn't get the camera out except at the wedding for a few pics. But here are the highlights:
-Eli worked it and got a dollar from a guy on the airplane for trading seats.
-My mom sewed me a skirt for the wedding.
-I got a pedicure with my good friend Heidi.
-I had a lunch date for me/play date for Eli with my friends Valerie and Alicia + AL's 5 week old baby!
-I managed to worry Alicia enough that she left our lunch and took her baby to the Dr. Sorry Alicia.
-Eli got to go to the wild west park.
-Eli got another b-day cake and present from his cousins.
-We had a sushi night.
-I got to see old friends at the wedding.
-I got to see all my family!

A funny story about the wedding. Mike tried to outsmart everyone and leave his car at the bed and breakfast where they stayed the night.  He thought that by doing that and leaving the reception in a limo he would be safe from the treatment he deserved.  He didn't count on Eli having none of that and forcing me to drive around until we found his car.  Sorry Mike but Eli made me do it and he did all the graffiti. I have photographic proof!

Eli and Brooklyn posed themselves and had me take a picture. Haa haa SO CUTE! Above is Eli REALLY excited to go home and see his daddy! All in all it was a great time but I was happy to come home and as Eli put it this morning: "I'm so glad this family is all together again."


Scar Belly said...

Technically speaking, you came back home to the best "Scout Platoon Leader" ever, but you can call me WHATEVER you want cuz I missed you SO BAD!!!

Love you babe!