Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Brough

On Wednesday, September 29th I took a pregnancy test and was shocked to see 2 lines instead of 1. I have always thought that if I ever was pregnant again I wouldn't tell Stewart until I'd already gone to the Dr. and saw a heartbeat. So in true Becca fashion I ran right out and told Stewart that I was pregnant.

As soon as my fertility Dr.'s office opened I called to get a progesterone test ordered. Since I have had a few miscarriages before they always said that as soon as I got pregnant again we would test progesterone to see if that's why I was miscarrying. Since I haven't been to the fertility Dr. for a long time they weren't as helpful as I'd like and I had to beg them to order the test. I told them I had just moved and didn't have a Dr. in my new area and I didn't think anyone would see me so early anyway.

Anyway the test was ordered and I got the results the next day (Thursday). My progesterone was low and they wanted to test it again on Friday. In the meantime though they did call in an RX for progesterone though and I called a Dr. in my area and explained my history and they got me an appointment for October 6th.

My new OB is Dr. Ward and his office and the hospital are about 5 minutes from my house! I love that about him. I also love that he has given me about a million ultrasounds. At my first appointment he saw a heartbeat and put the baby at 6 weeks old. I still was very nervous and I think the first time I really thought that I really might have a baby was on December 29th when I got 100% confirmation that this baby was a boy.
Dr. Ward's main advice has been not to worry so much...haha. Yeah right. I think this is a good little baby though because he wiggles around a lot and so I know he's ok. So far he hasn't hurt me or anything but I guess right now he's only like 2 lbs. He looked really healthy and great on the 20 week ultrasound and I'm so happy. I am 27 weeks pregnant right now and the end is in sight. My due date is June 1st but my Dr. said he'd induce me at the end of May.

I am SO happy for modern medicine. If there wasn't such a thing as progesterone supplements I would have had another miscarriage and I don't know if my psyche could have handled that. It has been a rough few years and I'd had really come to terms with not having another baby and was finally ok with it. That's probably the reason a month ago I was surprised all over again to see my big belly and realize that I really would be having another child. Some day's I still just can't believe it.

Right now and I think for sure this baby will be named Knox Timothy Brough. I really like having a name picked out early because it's fun for us to call him by name. I can't help wondering what he will look like. My sister's 2 boys look really similar and I can't picture having a boy that looks different from Eli but then I hope that this baby will look more like Stewart's side of the family. I wonder if he will have lots of hair like Eli did and what color will it be. I could drive myself nuts wondering these things because it makes me way impatient for Knox to come.


Jill said...

That u/s video is so cute! I am so excited for little Knox to join your family. He'll be cute no matter who he looks like!

Stacy said...

I can't wait to see him. Please don't have him too early when I'm gone!! I am hoping for May 22. :)

EmmaLee said...

In that first ultrasound picture it looks like he is waving :). Or is that a foot?

Valerie S said...

Do not have that baby until we get back from NYC. I will be so mad at Dad if I'm not here to see him born.