Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Effusive Eli:

Stewart was in charge last night and they were watching Futurama. At 9:00 Stewart said:

Stew: guess what time it is.
Eli: time to watch more Futurama?
Stew: No
Eli: Time to watch more Futurama while we make a treat?
Stew: No
Eli: Time to stay up and have more fun?
Stew No it's time for bed.
Eli: is it time to go to sleep or is it time to get in bed and read?

Of course Stewart let him read until 9:45. He's a huge sucker. I put Eli in bed between 8 and 8:30 and let him read until 9. But a late night for Eli is worth a girls night out for me!

I was playing Yahtzee on my iPod
Eli:what are you playing?
Me: Yahtzee.
Eli: oh Nazi
Me: No, Yahtzee
Eli: OH! Nazi.
Me: (imagining him going to school telling people I play Nazi and getting panicked) NO YAH-tzee, YAH-tzee.
Eli: oh Yahtzee. Yeah I think I've played that before.

Eli loves a girl at school. He calls her "my girlfriend that I don't date."

On Monday Eli was helping me sort through the baby clothes. He said "can I be the second one in the family to hold the baby. I told him that Dad would be there so he would be second but that Eli could be the first visitor come see the baby at the hospital. Eli said "well can I be the 3rd one in our family to hold the baby?" Ha ha. I told him he can be the 3rd one in our family to hold the baby and since Knox can't hold himself I think that will work out ok.

Man, there was another really funny thing Eli said but now I can't remember! I need to get used to remembering these things since they are my favorite posts to go back and read.


Scott and Megan said...

I like you, Becca Jo. What a fun ride to catch up on your exciting little past. I think the name Knox sounds so cool. I like Mr. Eli he sounds like a very creative and smart dude. Thank you for the invite to your blog, i will be checking on you faithfully!

Valerie S said...

I love to talk to Eli (when he's not being distracted from 100 things he'd rather be doing than talking to me) and hear his take on things. It always makes me smile.

georganne said...

I love reading these posts too! Eli is hilarious!

Heidi said...

Eli is such a funny kid! Can I be the 4th to hold the baby :)

Shum Girl said...

Haha I love the Nazi story.
I love Yahtzee!!! Do you have Words with Friends? We should play. If you do I am tws333.