Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve...Or the Day Where My Dad Out Does Us For Christmas.

Before we could do anything Stewart insisted we replace the lightbulbs.  Jacob was a little nervous but he got the job done.  Once we had light and could see we were able to have our non-traditional dinner. This year was the Haight's turn to pick.  They choose Chicago foods.  I made a Chicago style cheesecake, Stacy and Robert did italian beef sandwiches, Mike did Chicago style hot dogs, and Danny and Emi did a deep dish pizza.  It was all SOOOOOOO yummy.  

Next we got a surprise visit from Santa!  We couldn't believe he had time to come stop by on this busy night but the kids were so happy to see him.

Next up was present time!  Grandpa went first and gave the kids some letters to figure out what his gift was.  Eli spelled it right!
Imagine Eli saying "really?! are we going on a boat cruise?!"  All those kids were so happy. Us parents were happy too! 

We gave dad his gift in a joke gift box.  He's probably thinking in this picture "what the heck!"
We had a fun Christmas Eve. It's so fun to all be together for fun holidays like this.
We had to do Christmas Jammies once we got home.

I hope we can sleep tonight!!!!