Friday, December 21, 2012

My New Necklace

This is my new necklace.  Stewart bought it for me for Christmas but gave it to me early because we are terrible at keeping surprises!  This necklace is actually revealing another of our secrets.  The little rings are my kids birthstones.  Do you know what that means!?!  We are having a baby in August!!! (or July if I get my way.) I am due Aug 7th.  This baby wasn't as much of a surprise because I was on clomid but it was still kind of a surprise because I didn't believe clomid really worked!  It never has for me before!  But it did and I'm going to have 3 kids.  I am so happy but I am a little nervous about miscarriage and all of that stuff.  I do actually have a feeling that everything will be fine and we saw the heartbeat today but I'm a worry wart and will feel better when I hit the second trimester.