Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wrapped Around His Finger

You might think that this post will be about how Stewart has me wrapped around his finger. Or about how Eli has me wrapped around his finger. Or about about how Eli wraps gum around his finger and then it gets everywhere. These are all wrong. This post is about how Eli has his father wrapped so tightly around his finger it's ALMOST disgusting!

Here is the latest incident that proves my point. On Saturday, while at The Sportsman's Warehouse, Eli and Stewart were looking at backpacks which progressed to them looking at Camelbaks. So basically it ended with Eli getting a Camelbak if he promised to clean his room when we got home. Eli, of course, promised that he would and thanked us profusely for his "packpack".

As soon as we got home Eli lamented how he was tired of earning things and could we just give him the back pack! Of course we didn't give in and he didn't clean his room until Monday night.

I just think that it's so funny how Stewart and Eli have this funny little connection. They bond over Army songs, flashlights, and "packpacks." It's nice to see a father and son together and I love both the father and son that reside in my house!


Scar Belly said...

Wrapped around his FINGER!!!

What!? You just don't like it when it's not you that's doing the wrapping?

sorensenpower said...

Here's the truth of the matter folks. Eli has both parents wrapped around his finger. If anyone runs the Brough household, it's the smallest Brough of them all: Elias!

Valerie S said...

Mike is right, Stewart and Becca are like gum, wrapped around Eli's finger. He's so cute it's hard not to be wrapped. Now that I think about it, I think I'm gum too. Truth be told, when it comes to the grandkids/neice/nephews our whole family is gum. They all totally get their own way, all the candy they want and can play with Danny's Legos whenever they want.

The Haights said...

That was actually Danny who wrote above you mom. And I totally know about kids always trying to re-negotiate after you have made a deal. They are very smart this way.