Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Take Him Anywhere

I can't take Eli anywhere with out him attracting a lot of attention. While shopping yesterday I had 2 women come up and talk about how cute he was and as they walked away I heard them talking about his glasses and how cute they were. Then a lady thought that is was so cute how good he was shopping with me. Then last night I took him to get his haircut and all the girls there kept talking about how cute he was. (He giggled throughout the entire haircut.) One of the girls who was getting her haircut asked "where did you get him?! He is so cute."

I have to admit that he is pretty darn cute.

I hurt my foot and was complaining that it hurt so Stewart would give me some attention and Eli yelled out "if it hurts then stop walking on it." Later that night Eli said that he would take care of me because "Stewart has to do his homework." When I went to sit on the couch to get my American Idol on, Eli told me to go in my room and read a book because he wanted to watch a show. That was his way of taking care of me!


Laurel said...

He seriously IS that cute. I just read his below comments and all those things he says make me smile. Keep them coming!

The Barclay's said...

someone once told me that you know your children are cute when people go out of their way to make sure and tell you.. I am pretty sure that its a sorensen thing sorry to your husband.. but us sorensens are pretty cute :)