Thursday, June 12, 2008


My new skates are here! When they came they had black laces and I was so dissappointed but don't worry the pink ones were on the bottom of the box. Sometimes I think that I'm a gay man or something-I love flare!

Anyway they looked better before the wheels were dirty but Stewart said I have to use them. We have gone over to the school by our house to practice and I forget how hard it is when I haven't done it for a long time. I pushed Eli in the stroller and if I ever complained he told me to stop being a wuss.

Last night we took Eli's roller blades too and he told us that if he was better than us that we couldn't be mad. Stewart and I were kind of play pushing each other and Eli said "two people are horsing around and they are Becca and Stewart."

I love love love my new skates I just wish I was a whole lot better on them. My grandma said that I have the determination to be good and I said that I just don't have the coordination!

Here are the clean wheels and black laces-yuck!


Scar Belly said...

Gay man? I hope not...

Rebecca said...

how come you want skates. Now don't break your wrist.

Valerie S said...

You'll be a roller derby babe before you know it. Just keep practicing so you'll get better than Eli.