Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Special Me

Eli has graduated from preschool. I actually think that these "graduations" are pretty lame but what are you going to do the kids are cute. What made this one especially lame was the graduation march song that played over and over and over. It went like this: (to the tune of twinkle little star)

Special special special me
I'm as special as can be

For Eli's "graduation" present we bought him some roller blades. (read: excuse to buy him something that we want to but are trying not to spoil him.)

On Memorial Day we went to check out some roller blades for Stewart. We tried some blades on Eli and he was BAWLING because we left without buying them. He's been asking for chores to do so he can save up and buy some roller blades.

Anyway he is so freaking cute on his blades! It's pretty much the cutest thing to see him moving his feet back and forth and not moving anywhere.

He thinks that he's a stud though and is so happy with his "skates"


Valerie S said...

Tell Eli he does look stud-ly. I can just see his little legs moving back and forth like a train engine's wheels as it starts up. LOL He'll have a fun summer learning how to move in them. I hope he doesn't have too many scabs on the ol' knees by the end of the summer.

Scar Belly said...

He is pretty dang cute - however, I'll be relieved when he can skate at least as fast as he walks. It took us ten minutes to "skate" from our front door to the end of the sidewalk (about 200 feet).

I'm one happy dad!