Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rockin' It + Gelato

Oh yeah! Tonight I got my Rock Band on! It's only the second time that I have played Rock Band and I sucked just as much as the 1st time and had double the fun.

We, along with the Sorensen's, went to "the best gelato place ever,"* and then went to play Rock Band at Danny and Emi's new pad. This was exactly what we did Monday except for the fact that "the best gelato place ever" was freakishly and unexpectedly closed! So tonight was part deux and it all worked according to plan...or maybe even better. We each had 2 orders of gelato (not small ones) and got coupons for buy one get one 1/2 off to use at a later date! Hello! They know us and love us!

So then we went and got our Rock Band on and I can't tell you how awesome Eli is at it! Just because his guitar wasn't plugged in doesn't mean that he couldn't rock it because he was passing out "star power" like it was free! Danny has a picture on his camera and if he sends it to me I'll post the picture. All in all it was a fun night even though Stewart and I SUCKED HARDCORE on the drums.

The End

*Citta Gelateria Italiana=2101 E. 9400 South, Sandy Go there you won't be sorry!


Maria said...

Hi Becca!

I LOVE Rock Band! I am not good but the drums are so addictive!

We need to hang out. let me know!


p.s. I joined the blog