Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Renaissance Man

Stewart will wish that I miss-typed that title and that I really meant reconnaissance man. Eli didn't do any reconnaissance today but that would have been cool.

What he actually did do though was pretty dang cool too! He spent hours working in the garden. He was so happy that he got to use the hoe today because we bought it after the snow fell so he hasn't had a chance to use it before today.

He also spent a few hours sewing a blanket. Not just any blanket but a leopard print blanket. After first starting sewing he said, "wow this is actually kinda fun." He loves his blanket!

So what is a stud like Eli doing sewing? You think that sewing is for girls? well check this out!Yeah those are Valentines for 2 of his friends that he helped me sew. So you can see that he's still a smooth ladies man.


Jill said...

How cute is he! I love the blanket, it looks very fuzzy.

jeri said...

Eli, you rock. You're still allowed to date Darcy in 12 years.

The Bollinger Family said...

I am so amazed by this little dude. Seriously, I was like 12 when I learned to sew and I am still not that great. Mike is a better seamstress and it is sexy. Men who sew and garden are the ultimate ladies men.

Shep's Blog said...

There is a joke that I would like to say about the second paragraph of your posting... but it would confirm how immature that I really am ;)
Tell Stew to post something on his blog so I have a more appropriate venue for these kind of comments, and a kindred spirit to share them with.

Valerie S said...

You should have posted the picture of him sitting on your lap and you both sewing the blanket. It was so cute.

Stacey said...

Becca I love reading the funny post about your kids! I'm still laughing! Glad you had a good trip to AZ!!

Scar Belly said...

Eli does recon all the time - he probes our defenses on a regular basis - for instance, the following example:

Eli - "Mom can I have a cookie?"
Becca - "No, you need to eat your lunch first."

*45 seconds later*

Eli - "Dad, can I have a cookie?"
Me - "Sure! Let me put a few on a plate for you!"