Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disneyland 3

Today was even more fun than yesterday! Here is how our day started:

The Jedi teacher at the end says, "your style is unorthodox but effective. Well done." It was so funny. Eli seriously spent the first half of the "training" facing the opposite way of the other kids. It reminded me of the dance videos of me when I was a child. But it seriously was the cutest thing to see Eli's padawan training. I was so happy they chose him to participate.

Today we just went on all our favorite things again and did a few new rides. We got to see the Mad Hatter which was one character that Eli REALLY wanted to see. We ended our day with the Fantasmic show. It was a great ending to our Disneyland trip. Our next stop is San Diego!

Eli's favorite rides are:
Splash Mountain. If you think Eli looks like a ghost in the splash mountain picture above it's because he covered his face with the poncho so not 1 drop of water got on him. He stayed so dry he insisted we go again! :)
Indiana Jones. He kept his eyes open today and decided that it was cool.
Pirates of the Caribbean. It's pirates! No explanation necessary
Buzz Lightyear. It's like a big video game so, again, no explanation necessary.


Valerie S said...

I guess all those swords and lightsabers Eli has gotten over the years has paid off. He did an excellent job. And I like your black hat. This is so great that you are blogging every day, now you won't forget anything.

Deidra said...

That is so cool! There is no way Zack would ever get up in front of all those strangers to fight Darth Vader! Eli is brave! Have a good time in San Diego, sounds like you guys are having an awesome trip.

The Haights said...

I LOVED THE VIDEO! How cool! I know I have been saying this every day, but I am SO jealous! This is making me disneyland hungry.

Mickael said...

Too bad Mom didn't use Eli's Splash Mountain strategy. None of us rode it a second time.

kristi and family said...

i am so so so jealous you are in disneyland.. i swear that place is MAGICAL... i want to go back this year again.... have fun in san diego... what a great vacation!!!!

Stacey said...

one though. two words

Anonymous said...

It looks like a blast and made some awesome memories. Eli is such a cutie! Tristan and his dad loved that Buzz game too (like you said the who video game). I am so jealous your going to San Diego (my old high school stomping grounds). Can't wait to see more pictures!