Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arizona-The End

We are home again. We actually got home Monday evening but we hit the ground running so I'm finally getting around to blogging. The rest of the trip to Arizona went so well. It was so good I was not ready to come home. I missed Eli a lot but it was SO fun to be with Stewart and hang out with other adults for days at a time. The whole time that we were in Kentucky Stewart and I never went on a date alone together. It is so much fun to be together and remember that we are a couple and not just parents.

So we went to a ghost town that wasn't really a ghost town. It was Jerome, AZ. I take full responsibility for the junkyard that we attended! Anyway here are the highlights:

Steve in some old car. He barely fit in it because the "cab" was so short. Good thing Steve didn't live in the "olden days."
The next picture is my FAVORITE. It's Stewart with his old ball and chain. Haa haa love it!
The next picture is really freaky. It was some old mannequin prostitute! Freaky. Seriously.

Here is Stewart at the old mine opening, and me with a donkey. OK the last picture is of Stewart's great aunt and uncle. His uncle Bud had a birthday so Stewart used his smooth espaniol to set up a birthday song. The guy in the background tried to feed Bud some ice cream and missed the mark.

The only thing missing from the trip was that we didn't get to visit Bahama Bucks. I was pretty sad but I guess if that's the only thing to go wrong we didn't do too bad.

The End


Mickael said...

Oh man it looks like you had a good time! Why didn't you guys ride that donkey?

Valerie S said...

That junkyard looked interesting. How do they keep people from carrying off all that cool junk? It's good you two can get away for some time together. When are you doing the skiing thing?

The Haights said...

That "prostitute" is freaky! It looks like you guys had a good time!!!

Scar Belly said...

You forgot to mention the hippy lady that I wanted to punch.