Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Effusive Eli:

For St. Patrick's day I made Eli his favorite breakfast, which is breakfast in bed. Unfortunately, I dyed the eggs green.

Eli looked on in disgust, tried them and then told me that his brain commanded him not to eat the eggs. I can't say that I blamed him because they looked disgusting.

Eli also told me that he thinks "stupid" is the boss of all the naughty words. I think it's because it his favorite naughty word to say.

My dad is a big-time gardener. BUT he has a "partner" now. As far as Eli is concerned my dad better not forget that. When my dad went out on a cold day to screen dirt Eli was a little frantic that he wasn't told about that. When my dad came in Eli said, "Did you plant anything?" When the answer was "no." Eli said "you better not plant without me."

On Sunday Eli was talking to my dad about anything that he could think of. When Eli is talking to one person like this you can't help them. If you try to deflect Eli's attention to give reprieve to his target he'll say, "I'm talking to Grandpa." So, among other things, Eli was asking my dad who the best golfer in the world was. When my dad said Tiger Woods was, Eli carefully mentioned that his other grandpa was probably the best golfer in the world.

When Eli realized that he will be starting kindergarten. He looked a little freaked out. He said, "but I can't go to kindergarten! I'm only 5 and it will be too hard!" When I told him that he can already read and count so that it wouldn't be hard he looked a little relieved.

We are just loving every second with Eli. He's such a loving, funny little guy. Eli has a tough time coming up with his daddy leaving but I think that he'll be a little trooper. He loves his Daddy so much and thinks that he's so tough and cool.


Valerie S said...

I liked your talk with him yesterday when he told you that he thought Leprechauns were real. You sure did some back tracking in that conversation. LOL

The Haights said...

I want to hear about that conversation! Eli is so cute. It is really funny to have a conversation with him.

Alicia said...

That kid kills me. I'm still laughing at him pointing at Jake and asking, "Do you speak?"
Today was so fun. Let's do it again soon.