Friday, April 24, 2009

Lost tooth

Eli lost his first tooth today! It was a drama/trama filled event. Eli was eating an apple and the tooth came out. He never realized that it was loose so he wasn't prepared at all. I heard him bawling and screaming and ran into the kitchen to see him sitting on the floor with blood on his hands and mouth. He said that his tooth fell out. I asked him if he fell and bumped it and said that he was eating an apple.

When I say "said" I mean the kind of talking that is filled with panic, tears, and fear. It was really pretty funny once I realized that his tooth fell out and hadn't cracked or something.

Through the tears he asked, "is it normal for a 5 year old's tooth to fall out?" I assured him that it was normal and that his 5 year old cousin has already lost a few teeth. Once he remembered about the tooth fairy he really cheered up then and the world wasn't so scary and confusing.

I hurried and sewed a little tooth pillow to keep his treasured tooth and more importantly to get the money from the tooth fairy!


Emilee said...

ok, i remember when you were pregnant with him...and now his teeth are falling out! what the...time flies!

Deidra said...

That's so cute and so sad! Zack's first tooth fell out a couple months ago the exact same way! There was also blood and crying involved. I like the pillow idea. Do you keep the tooth in the pillow forever? How is it secured? I might have to copy.

Stacey said...

Becca you have the best son ever! I bet he was sent just to you! I hope everything is going ok while your man is gone.

p.s. that soup sounds gross, but it's just like you to mix wierd things. Remember in college when we made reciept book is RS and you made a reciept called "Stuff and Stuff with other Stuff in it?"

Valerie S said...

You forgot to mention that he asked you if any more of his teeth were going to fall out and you said yes. Then he wondered how he was going to talk with all his teeth gone. You had to explain that they don't all fall out at once.

The Haights said...

I remember losing a tooth eating an apple. And Brooklyn lost a tooth eating an apple. And now Eli. There should be some kind of lawsuit. It might bring about change. Warning labels on all apples about the dangers that may befall your teeth.