Thursday, April 2, 2009


I lost my camera and with it the will to blog. I don't want to use the old yucky camera!

Here are some things that have happened lately:
1-The truck was broken into. BLAH. What was stolen? My temple bag. Jerks, I hope they burn. The truck has an alarm with and impact warning. We figure the alarm buzzed at them when they broke the window so they grabbed the bag and ran. If they had popped the lock the alarm would have gone off. The temple stuff is sad because it was very sentimental to me.

2-To get this truck registered I had to replace the headlight. Not just the bulb but the whole fixture. I like doing stuff like this because it really shows Stewart that I'm just using him for his body.

3-We have been trying to have lots of fun and spend time together because Stewart leaves in like a week and 1/2! I had an anxiety attack when I realized this yesterday. Somewhere I have lost a whole week! We are going to stay in Vegas with Stewart for a week until he actually flies to Camp Atterbury.

So that's been us. Just doing our thang.

And here is this in case anyone is going to be in Vegas on April 17th.


M. Nelson said...

Our car was broken into like that once. It sucks.

The Barclay's said...

that sucks about your car :( where was it at?

The Haights said...

I'm sorry about your car. And I'm really sorry about Stewart leaving. I wish we could go to vegas. :(

sorensenpower said...

I wish I could go to Vegas too.

What kind of a DB breaks into a car and steals temple clothes?


Mickael said...

Where or how did you loose your camera? I bet it was under your temple bag! That is what you should tell the Insurance guy.

Stacey said...

Becca, I laughed again (out loud) when I read your "useing him for his body" because I love it!!! It's awesome and so you, I could hear your voice in my mind. Can I use that saying now to my husband.

slccitygirl said...

Oh man, who steals things! What a bunch a jerks! I am sorry :(

Scott and Megan said...

hope you are doing well and enjoying some time with Stewart. Good luck with letting him go!:) I sure think you're great!