Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cruise Pt. 3

I'm not really sure what morning these pics were but we did eat every morning so it could have been Wednesday morning. It was fun to be able to eat whatever we wanted.  Of course Knox still just wanted Cheerios. 

Wednesday we were in Ensenada.  I wish you could tell how big this flag was.  It was the biggest flag I have EVER seen.  I wonder if there is a US flag this big anywhere.  If I was Mexican I would love to see this big flag everyday. 
Here we are with the ship behind us.  The plan was that Stew was going to take Knox to La Bufadora and I was going to walk around the city with Knox and the Haights.  Luckily, we changed our minds and all went to La Bufadora. Ensenada was our favorite part of the trip!

The kids LOVED the blow hole and we saw the water get some amazing height.  The kids stood in the splash zone and got wet.  It was pretty hot so they felt good being a little wet.

I took Knox back to the boat and Stewart was able to eat some yummy mexican food.  I didn't dare eat anything because I'm pregnant but I was kinda jealous of him.