Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cruise Pt. 4

Thursday was our day at sea.  We just sat around and ate and relaxed.  Eli is like a professional relaxer. 

The last night I fed Eli and Brooklyn at the buffet and they watched Knox during the sit down dinner.  It was nice to have one quiet dinner.  Dinner was the most stressful time by far because Knox was so messy and disruptive. After Knox went to bed, Stewart and I went to a few activities.  One of them involved Stewart kissing Robert's head.  hahaha it was funny.  

Eli got my phone and this is his self portrait. We bought his these covers for his glasses and he LOVED them.  Like, literally, he never took them off.  It was pretty cute.

Friday we got off the boat. Sad sad sad. We had a great vacation. 

This was about 20 minutes after we got back into the car. These kids were pooped. 
Knox was so tired at the condo in Vegas he let Eli hold him.  That's pretty strange. AND he fell asleep on Stewart.  That is also strange. Knox likes to be in his bed to sleep. 

We loved our Christmas cruise.  I wonder how dad will top it next year?! ;)


Rappleye Family said...

I miss our Cruise!