Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cruise Pt 2

Tuesday we woke up and we were parked at Catalina Island.  You can see the tender boats in the background of the next 2 pictures.  That's how we actually got to the island.

We got to shore and saw the Haights playing in the tide.  My kids joined them and they had a great time.  The water was FREEZING so I stayed clear but of course things like that don't stop kids from having fun.
Stewart was a good daddy and helped Knox play.  And took most of our pictures!

It felt great so soak up some sun.  It wasn't super warm but if you were sitting in the sun it was great.
Stacy was wonderful and took wet Eli back to the ship with her kids so Stewart and I could walk around the island.  We met up with Dad and Teresa and walked with them a little bit.
Knox loves the baby backpack.

We did have a run in with the law...ok not the law but the golf cart touring company.  We tried to break the rules and got caught.  And that's all I'm saying about that!