Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cruise Pt. 1

Finally our Christmas cruise arrived!  We left Sunday after Sacrament. (Stewart had to speak in sacrament meeting! hahaha) and drive to Vegas.  We all stayed at the WoldMark condos.  It was fun to caravan with everyone.  Anyway, we left Vegas Monday the 25th and drove to California.  We were all pretty excited to get on the boat. Here we are walking on the gangplank to get on the ship. 

We ate lunch and then toured around the ship.  It's crazy how big these cruise boats can be!  Ours was one of the smaller ones too!  Luckily Stewart was there to tell me where to go.  He has a much better internal compass than me. 

Eli didn't stay on our room.  He got to sleep in Grandpa Sorensen's room. Their room had these porthole windows and Knox LOVED this little window he could sit in.
I was unpacking Eli's suitcase and I saw this rope.  It didn't seem strange because Eli likes to play with rope.  Then Eli told me he brought it so we could tie it to Knox so he wouldn't fall off the boat.  Eli asked a million times how we would make sure that Knox wouldn't fall off the boat.  Eli is a sweet big brother who really cares about Knox's safety.  It touched my heart that he was thinking about his brother while he was packing his suitcase.
That is California behind us.

Knox loves to get his picture taken.  One of his favorite poses is to stick out his tongue.  Eli and Stewart are best friends...according to Knox.  Stewart wouldn't mind a break once in a while but Knox would be happy spending every second with his daddy.

That was pretty much day one.  We left port in the evening and had dinner and Knox slept great!