Monday, August 27, 2007

Care Bear Stare

Eli has been introduced to the Care Bears. He found a cartoon at the library and LOVED it so when we went to my parents house on Saturday I found my old care bear, Birthday Bear, and my Care Bear cousin, Gentle Heart Lamb.

So pretty much all weekend Eli held those animals and watched the care bears cartoon. He gave them piggy backs and made sure they didn't get cold and talked to them and searched for the forest of feelings with them. It was so cute...and also short lived. This morning he came out with his blue dog and hasn't given the care bears time of day today...oh wait I just looked in the front room and the dog and bears are lined up together. I guess there is enough love for everyone!

Eli also had a love affair with Teddy Ruxpin a few months ago. That also was started by the cartoon from the library...luckily I have a Teddy Ruxpin doll too!


Alicia said...

Maybe he could start up a care bear/ ruxpin army? Hmmmm...