Thursday, August 30, 2007

School Days

Eli is going to go to PRESCHOOL! He has been on a waiting list all summer and I never heard anything until Tuesday. When I found out that he'd got in I was so excited because Eli has put on his backpack many many times and said "bye Mom I'm going to school." Then he'd walk out the door like he really was going to school.

***Here he is ready for anything!***

So we went to the school Wednesday to register him and I really thought he'd be so excited but I was WRONG! On the way over there I told him that he was going to go to school and he said "I'm not big yet." and "I'm getting nervous about this." I told him that this was preschool and it was for little boys and all those "mom things" that you can say but he wasn't having it! Well we got there and he wouldn't look at anyone and kept telling me that he was "shy of those people." After about 5 minutes he relaxed and by the time I was ready to leave he wasn't. All-in-all I think that Eli will really like preschool but I am happy that he's not ready to leave me yet!


jeri said...

Yes yes, great minds post about preschool today. I have another friend (Mathews Four) who is always posting the same things as me! Its how you can tell that we've been friends for 10 years.